Just imagine

Can you imagine living in a world where you are judged because of the shape of your head? Sentenced to death because of that?

Can you imagine living in a world where you are sentenced to death because of what your parents looked like?

Can you imagine a world where you are sentenced to death by how your chest is shaped? Your ears? You body?

At this point you are probably thinking “Is she talking about Nazi Germany? Pre-Civil War America? Third world countries that are at war?”

No, I’m talking about present day America this is the reality for many dogs, sentenced to die just because they look like a “pitbull type dogs” blocky heads, stocky chests, etc etc

This is Breed Specific Legislation aka BSL aka BS laws

The science has proven that these laws dont do anything to reduce the number of dog bites, shoot the dog bite statistics themselves are unreliable and the CDC has said so…. so why do they continue with this stupid BSL stuff? Because it makes the paranoid people feel better, to have someone to blame, something to blame, sad isnt’ it?

These are just the thoughts I have as I sit here watching my three ‘pitties’ sleep peacefully, innocent souls who have never done anything wrong, who in some parts of the states would be killed just because of how they look, and it breaks my heart to know there are puppies/dogs/elderbulls just like them are being killed just because… Anyway thats my night time musing as things around “the zoo” come to a close.

Thanks for all the support! So far today this little blog has had 130+ views!! It just blows my mind so thank you again



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2 thoughts on “Just imagine

  1. I entirely agree! I am the proud owner of a two year old pitbull and she is the sweetest dog! Just because the pitbull breed has gotten a bad rapt is no reason to discriminate agaisnt the breed.

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