And I’m back!!!

Oh goodness! Hello!! Sorry I’ve been MIA as some of you might have read online I have had MAJOR computer troubles the past week or so and haven’t been able to do much with it at all! But I’m back and I have a few blog posts planned!

The first of which I need YOUR help for! I want to do a little behind the scenes Q&A and let y’all have a chance to ask questions! They can be about training, the kids, our family, etc. Daine is pretty popular for these and although I’m not nearly as good of a writer as she is I hope to get a few questions to get a basic idea of what kids of blog posts to do for the next few weeks! 😀

The second post I have planned is a kennel training post, its rather long and Ive been working on it for a few weeks now!

So lets have at it!! What are YOUR questions! If you want you can leave them in a comment here or send them to me via email at let me know a few things when you do tho!

1.) Name or if you wish to be anonymous

2.) General area of where you live (i.e Kansas, USA or London, England)

3.) How many pets you have 🙂

Thanks so much in advance!


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2 thoughts on “And I’m back!!!

  1. Dustin May

    Are you still taking questions? If so, I have a few:

    1. What did you do to integrate Beka and then Teddy into your family? Did you deal with any acting out by Daine or Beka when you were doing so or were they pretty accepting off the bat?

    2. How do you handle toys? Do the dogs share well? Have you had to deal with any toy possessiveness?

    3. How do you get anything done with three dogs running around? Hehe…

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