Go to your room! Part 1

Ive gotten a few requests to write a post on kennel training so here it is!

Lets start off with “Why you should kennel train your dog” here are just a few reasons

1.) Ever left the house and come back to find something destroyed? Kennel training will prevent that

2.) If you have multiple dogs it really is best for them safety wise to be kenneled when you leave them alone

3.) Dogs need a place that is just theres, a safe place!

4.) If theres ever an emergency and you need to kennel your dog they will be less stressed out if they are already kennel trained

5.) Chances are at some point in time your dogs will need to be in a kennel, for travel, for the vets office, for boarding, moving, etc. Training them in advance that kennels are a GOOD THING will help with this

Now that you have a few reasons why lets start off with the hows shall we?

First you will need a kennel (or crate) thats the appropriate size, the puppy needs to be able to stand up and lay down but you dont want it to be too big otherwise if the dog isn’t well potty trained they’ll be able to use one corner of the kennel and lay in another

Every dog is different on how they like their kennel, Beka only likes one small blanket in there otherwise she’ll shred it, but Daine likes to have lots of blankets and toys in her kennel, and Teddy is somewhere in the middle. You’ll want to start off VERY slowly, if you saw Daine and how much she likes her kennel today you’d never believe she’s the same puppy who screamed her head off whenever she went in it.

To get her used to the kennel we started feeding her meals just inside the kennel door, so that she could leave her body outside but still eat, after a few days we moved he food farther inside until it was in a back corner so that she had to go all the way in to eat, the door still should be open at this point… At the same time a few times a day toss treats into the back of the kennel saying ‘Kennel’ or ‘Go to your kennel’ pretty much whatever you want (Ive heard of some people saying ‘Go to jail’ lol)

This will take some time, but its well worth it in the end, soon after your puppy is comfortable going in the kennel close the door but dont lock it behind them, praise the puppy and then open the door.

This is a good start, any questions? I’ll post part 2 before the end of the month 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Go to your room! Part 1

  1. Anne Henson

    Yea Momma…common sense!

  2. Dustin May

    The Mocha loves her crate! She was already kennel trained when we got her, and it was a lifesaver. She went through a destructive phase and to protect her (and our stuff) we had to lock her up when we left. Now she gets the whole office, but when we come home she’s usually laying in her crate. If I or Melissa are working in there she’ll come lay down in her crate. It really is a safe place and all hers.

    Oh, and as soon as she sees the Kong filled with treats and peanut butter come out of the freezer, she knows yumminess is on its way and runs to her crate!

    • Omd Beka does the SAME thing!! She usually eats in her kennel because of her diet and whenever she sees something (anything) she wants she runs and jumps in her kennel!

  3. My labs were crate trained as puppies but I never perused it after they were house trained. No one ever made it clear what a great place for them to feel safe always. Of course my boys were younger and living at home too and the labs got to sleep with them every night in their beds, still do with the one who is back home now..lol. I think I was just lucky that neither of them were chewers and they have only had a few accidents ever when we were out. They are now 7 and 10 and the best boys ever. Of course spoiled rotten and loved unconditionally as they do back! What a great article to date, and with the next ones I will think of the crate as a training tool and then a safe haven too!

  4. Kennels are awesome if people do not use them for punishment! They need to be a puppers safe place!

  5. Beau has a crate and I think he hates it, he doesnt go in it for fun, and all I have to say crate & he goes right in with no problem at all… anything in the crate he destroys, bed, blankie, toy…. destroyed… out of the crate he doesnt chew his bed, blankie nothing…..I can sit home with him and he will sit here 10-12 hours before he wants to go out potty… If I go somewhere and he is crated, even as little as 4 hours and he tinkles in it… But, he cannot be left out of the crate when I leave.. when I am not here he will find something, anything to get into … and he does not do that when I am here, he doesnt touch anything he just naps all the time…. walk out for 5 minutes and he’s either got my reading glasses or something off the entertainment center, and has destroyed it… other than crating when I leave, any other suggestions on how to train, when they don’t do the behaviour in front of you?

    I know you will have a commen sense answer and I will feel like a bonehead for not thinking of it.. LOL ps…. he is the first dog that I have ever owned that is a chewer or destructive :-/

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