Happy Birthday my Little One

This story is unique, because it starts with an ending instead of a beginning, its also a very long one but I wanted to get it all down so I can never forget it, this is the story of DaineDaine the Pretty PittieBoxer:

It starts MANY MANY MANY years before Daine was even born, in ’96-97 my family got a dog, he lived a very long life and passed away in 2011 at almost 14 years old. I’d never had a dog of my own before, and while Pom-Poo was amazing and I still love him and miss him he was never really trained and spent more time with my mother than me. So shortly after his passing I knew I was going to get another dog, while that might sound too soon I knew that he wouldn’t want me to just sit around and cry forever, he hated it when I cried…

SO the research began, and I started looking for a breeder *gasp* yes I know, I was planning on buying a dog, you see I wanted a lab (to be exact I wanted a boy) and I had my heart set on him. I bought several books on the breed and training them, and I had this image in my mind… But then I started to feel guilty, I had never bought an animal before all mine were rescues, and I knew the local shelter had more than enough dogs… I spoke to a few of them but never saw anyone I liked…

Then on Sept 3rd 2011 around 1-2 pm Dad and I were heading home from Joplin and went past the Joplin Humane Society and on the big display sign out front it said “20$ ADOPTION DAY” which I read out-loud (I read a lot of signs out-loud in the car) and Dad asked if I wanted to go look, I said YES so he made a U-turn and we went back to JHS. It was a MAD HOUSE there were so many people in the lobby you could hardly walk, I asked about lab puppies and one of the works pointed out several cages that had ‘lab mixes’ in them.

I wanted a puppy because I had just lost a senior dog and wasn’t ready for that again, and I wanted to start trying my hand at dog training as well… It was down to two different litters of puppies when Daine and I saw each other for the first time. She was a spunky little girl who knocked down her brother and two sisters to get to the bars of the kennel to give me kisses. I was in love and I wanted her. We found someone to get her out so we could go to the adoption room and I could play with her for a few minutes and beg (yes I begged) Dad to say yes… It took him a little while and little miss nippy didn’t help her situation much but when he finally said yes I nearly cried… They had to take her away while I did some paperwork and it nearly broke my heart to hand her back over even for a few minutes…

Even tho I had wanted a boy, I was so excited over my girl and I gave her the name Veralidaine, Daine for short which would later be DaineDaine the pitboo.

At this point we (the shelter included thru no fault of their own) thought she was about 8-10 weeks old… Her kennel card said ‘Terrier mix’ but they assured me she was in fact a lab mix and that she’d been in the shelter for about a week…which means she hadn’t been spayed yet so I signed papers saying I’d bring her back in to spay her or loose her…

That next day we took her to the doctor for her first visit and found out she was actually 6 weeks old, she weighed 4.4 pounds, and she had kennel cough. So she got shots and medicine and we worked on getting her better… She had to visit the doctor every week for shots and check-ups until she was gosh at least 12 weeks old! She ended up with kennel cough twice, bronchitis, and at one point pneumonia among other things such as ear infections, dry skin, and stomach aches. So after that first visit we let JHS know that our doctor didn’t think she was healthy enough to spay at that point in time but we would get her spayed thru out vet as soon as she was healthy.

Around 8 weeks of age I realized I needed HELP and FAST I had no idea what I was doing as far as training went and Daine was a nipper! At we also realized around this time that Daine was in fact NOT a lab (I know Obvious right?) So I began the quest to discover just what kinda puppy she was, and it wasn’t long before someone suggest ‘pitbull’

So I started to do research and came across so much information it was nuts.. We enrolled Daine in classes at petsmart and I spent everyday working with her on her training, I didn’t believe just because she looked a certain way she was going to be mean or agressive, she was my baby and I loved her no matter what. She was incredible smart and learned at a rate that impressed everyone she met.

She doubled in size from 6 weeks to 7 going from 4.4 pounds to 8.8 and continued to double her size for several weeks so we thought she was a pitbull and boxer mix. The first time someone asked me what she was and I said pitbull and they snapped at me “Watch out she’ll eat you in your sleep!” and walked off, I knew I’d become an advocate for the breed. I just couldn’t understand how someone could go from ‘Aw shes just so sweet and adorable’ to ‘She’s going to kill you’ over one word! So I started learning facts, trying to learn as much as I possible could about the breed so that I could represent them well.

You know how you hear people say “I didn’t rescue my dog he/she rescued me”? Well its true, I believe Daine rescued me and she gave me new purpose in life when I needed it, and its thanks to her that I discovered a love for training and a love for the ‘bully breed’, its thanks to her that we adopted Beka and Teddy and that I have many of the friends I have now… She’s the reason I’m involved in rescue, transports, and advocacy…

Each night I pray to God that he will protect and watch over my little ones and bless them (and therefore me) with long and healthy lives, so on Daine’s first birthday I will try not to cry as I remember that tiny little baby but rejoice that I have been gifted a beautiful girl who has had an amazing first year with many more to come! Its naptime here now, and in a moment I’m going to whisper quietly ‘who wants to go outside’ and I’ll smile as that wonky ear goes up and she runs to the puppy gate because no matter how quietly I say it and how asleep she is she always hears it…but before I go I want to thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this, thank you for being a friend to my 3 and in return myself, and thank you for anything and everything you might do to help animals! We also thank you for the birthday wishes!

Dont forget there is still time to submit questions for the Q&A posts starting soon!



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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday my Little One

  1. Thank you for your advocacy and all you do for JHS and your adorable puppahs. Happy Birthday to DD!!!

  2. Rosie

    Beautiful story! DaineDaine, Beka and Teddy are very lucky to have you as a mommy! Thats
    what life is all about! We all live and learn!

  3. Happy birthday, DD!

  4. Kelly roe

    Absolutely a beautiful story to share on such a special day. Many wishes for a happy birthday to DaineDaine and many wishes for many more birthdays

  5. That is so sweet and I am glad that she has found her furever home! i love the pics and blogs with all your puppers and am proud of you for the work you do for the breed.

  6. That was beautiful…made my eyes leak!! Kisses to Daine, Beka and Teddy! Hugs to you for all that you do!! XOXO

  7. gina lind

    What a beautiful story, this made me cry reading it! I always knew DaineDaine was special, but, Wow! I’m a little late, but happy birthday DD!! I hope your day was as special as you are!

  8. So beautifully written!!! Just love it, just like we love your babies…thanks, I love reading your blog 🙂

  9. Carrie

    This totally made me cry. I understand the first time you tell someone your dog is a pit and the recoil. My first experience with breedism was with Leila though. We were out front and my neighbors had company. The guy asked as he walked to the front door if she was an Akita and I told him she was a mix. He asked if she was aggressive and I told him no and he said she would eventually be. It made me so angry and I, like you, read everything about Akita’s I could find. So when Mr. Bowleg man showed up I refused to hear any crap about my “aggressive” dogs. And if someone asks if my dogs are aggressive I can’t help but say “No, but I can be.”
    They are, however, stubborn as all get out.

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