Goals are good

Hello Everyone! Once again I must apologize for my absence here, as most of you probably saw on Beka’s page her Daddy has been sick (well we all have) so I haven’t had much time to sit and think of what to post, I’m sorry about that! I promise I have more blog posts set up! I  am still accepting questions for the Q&A post tho! So far I only have one so get them in!

Tonights post might be a short one, but I believe its a good one and might just help you a little with training and life in general with your puppies! Tonight I want to talk to you about goals, to be more specific training goals, and how they can help you and your puppy both!

Everyone is going to have different goals, and there is nothing wrong with that, and everyone will reach those goals in a different way and different time and thats perfectly normal. I think tho if you set training goals it will help you 1.) realize how much you are accomplishing and 2.) help you focus on what you want to accomplish

I have different goals for Daine, Beka and Teddy each but until now they’ve only been general so tonight I want to work on getting them a little more defined

My goals for Beka are pretty basic, I want her to have basic manners and be comfortable around strangers and kids, these might change if she gets a little more confident but thats her goal for now. I dont want to push her too far too fast because that’ll just set her back…

My goals for Teddy at the moment are to get him basic manners (loose leash walking, sit/stay, down/stay, leave it, drop it, take it, heel, etc) and to work towards his CGC and see how hes doing then to decide if I want to compete with him in Rally

My goals for Daine are to finish polishing up her basic manners, and get her CGC then look for agility training classes and Rally classes then hopefully compete in Obedience competition someday! At the moment we have a long way to go before we get there tho, but I think it’ll be a fun journey!!

So what are some goals you have for your pups? Manners? CGC? Therapy Dog? Sports?

Once you have an overall goal you can break it down into smaller steps to keep yourself on target!

Beka is working on ‘look at me’, Teddy is working on ‘sit/stay’ and Daine is working on getting into heel position and some polishing up of her basics

I look forward to hearing about everyones goals!! Thanks for reading and dont forget to get your questions in!


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