But IM the baby!

Todays question(s) come to us from Dustin who lives in Michigan and belongs to 1 dog

Are you still taking questions? If so, I have a few:

1. What did you do to integrate Beka and then Teddy into your family? Did you deal with any acting out by Daine or Beka when you were doing so or were they pretty accepting off the bat?

2. How do you handle toys? Do the dogs share well? Have you had to deal with any toy possessiveness?

3. How do you get anything done with three dogs running around? Hehe…

This brings back so many memories Dustin! I’m blaming you if I cry a little lol! I’m going to have to write this in several parts as well, First off lets tackle How did we integrate Beka into our family, and how we dealt with Daine acting out thats going to be a long enough post to read…

For those of you who dont know Daine was about 4 months old when Beka found us and she was VERY possessive over EVERYTHING, it was something we were working on in her doggy classes but it had been slow going. She only shared toys that did not belong to her, she go angry and jealous if I petted another dog, and hell hath no fury like Daine whenever her Dad would so much as glance at another dog. To say the least she was a SPOILED only child! The first nights Beka stayed with us we had to keep Daine and Beka totally separated party because we didn’t know if Beka had anything contagious and partly because Daine did not play well with others and she saw Beka as an intruder into her home. I had done more than a little research and we were willing to take it slowly to keep both dogs safe. At that time we expected Beka to just be a temporary foster until she got healthy enough to have a family of her own….

We started off keeping them totally separated whenever they were in the house, and we took them out on leash to use the bathroom

We installed a ‘fence’ of sorts inside

We found a fence of sorts at Lowes or Home Depot to separate our living room and dinning room into two different areas, giving them each toys, food and water and before we knew it they were passing each other toys under the fence and giving each other kisses as well

Whenever Beka was outside she wore a leash so that we could get ahold of her quickly, she had (has) a tendency to run off and find her way out of the fence. We only let Daine and Beka play together for a few moments at a time because Daine had a tendeny to play WAY too rough which Beka helped her over-come.


We did not ask them to share food or water, whenever we fed Beka she would go into her kennel and Daine would go into hers and we allowed Daine to keep her dragons to herself and choose to share them or not. But at any sign of agression over a toy (excessive growing, lifted lip, scruff up) that toy got taken away for awhile, and to break up any wresting matches we used squirt bottles which proved very effective. If they got too riled up we separated them for awhile.


One of Daine’s biggest issues was that she did not want to share attention, when she was in the dinning room and it was Beka’s turn to be in the living room she would bark and howl if Beka got near Dad or I, we would take turns loving on them at the same time which really seemed to help and with time they grew to accept each other.


We knew that Beka would be staying within a few days of her finding us, but we decided to give it a 30 day trial period to make sure she and Daine would continue to get along and of course they did.

A few things to remember before I close out this portion of the reply

1.) NEVER leave two dogs alone together!!! Whenever we leave Daine and Beka at home they always go into their kennels, and in the early days even when I had to leave them to go to another room one of them got kennel, for their safety and the safety of our furniture! 😉

2.) DONT PUSH THINGS! Let them happen slowly at the dogs own pace

3.) Do not expect new dogs to share food or water, even if your dog is used to sharing water with other dogs I would suggest a second bowl just to avoid any fights

4.) I myself am guilty of making this mistake but do not give the dogs ‘meaty bones’ bully sticks, rawhides, or treats near each other… Daine gets very protective of her treats and we almost had a fight once so for the first two months whenever they got new treats they went into kennels, then just in separate rooms, till eventually I could just give them the treats and let them pick where to eat it

5.) RELAX!!! If you are tense your dogs will know it and become tense too!!

Dont forget to get your questions in if you have any! If you have questions on todays post please let me know as well! I’ll be working on getting the others up this week as well!

Thanks for reading! I hope it wasn’t too long for y’all!



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  3. I had the same problem Bosco was here over two years when Bella was brought to us rescued from people who let her starve and just run around loose as a baby, Bella doent like to share she takes all the toys and hides them luckly Bosco isnt as aggresive unless recently i got them new balls and he was protective over his i figure probably cause she takes all the toys, so i just put them up and now they no longer are protective over them, and Bella is same way she will bark if you play with Bosco but we make her get her own toy and play with her at same time and it seems to help just have to be patient with them

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