Question Number 2

Today I’m going to answer part 2 of Dustin’s question which you can read about here and I’m going to talk a little about introducing Teddy into our house and introducing Tobie our foster into our home and what we learned along the way… Long before Tobie there was Angel, a sweet beautiful little black and white pit mix who needed a foster home, I fell in love with her when doing transports for JHS and every time I was there she made me smile, but when Dad took Beka and Daine to meet her Beka and Angel were terrified of each other so it was not meant to be… Tobie showed up in our neighborhood one day and ‘followed’ me home with a few treats as incentive 😉 Because the dogs up the road were attacking him for trying to get to their food…

At this point we were pretty much old hats at the kennel and rotate system, Tobie stayed in a kennel in the kitchen where the girls could see him but not interact with him (just in case he was sick or something) which I think in the end helped the girls accept him easier, and while they were nice to Tobie, they played with Tobie, and we all LOVED Tobie, we knew that he had a home to go too and the girls didn’t welcome him as ‘one of us’

And then Teddy came along

We never needed to crate and rotate with him, he learned the rules quickly and got along amazingly with the girls. We saw some acting out from Daine because she was used to be the ‘baby’ of the house but Teddy was so laid back that Daine quickly got over it and decided he was alright, as long as he behaved himself.

(You might have noticed I didn’t mention Beka, shes so docile and laid back that shes kind of our buffer in the house)

This brings us to todays topic


2. How do you handle toys? Do the dogs share well? Have you had to deal with any toy possessiveness?

How do we handle toys?

For the most part, the kids do toys very well but I always keep a squirt bottle around just in case I need to make someone ‘drop it’

Daine is possessive of her dragons, but she lets Teddy play with them

Beka isn’t that interested in toys in general unless shes outside or Daine or Beka ask her to play…

My advice for toy possessiveness is:

1.) a squirt bottle is your best friend

2.) DOUBLES! OR triples! It might seem silly but it does help!

3.) spend 1 on 1 time with each pup teaching them the ‘drop it’ command (Daines drop it really stinks, but Teddys is great and thats saved us a lot of headaches)

4.) RELAX! If you are all nervous then your puppy will be too!

5.) Only let the dogs play with neutral toys for awhile I.E If you know that this puppy is obsessed with balls give them ropes to play with, new ropes that neither has a claim too

We’ll be back with the answer to question 3 next time! Do you have any advice for possessiveness? Any questions? Feel free to comment!


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