Daines surgery

We interrupt the Q&A posts to bring you a little post about Daine and her surgery

Over the past few days since the surgery we’ve gotten a lot of questions about it and I realize that not everyone knew/heard why she was having surgery or understand what the surgery was, so I thought I’d explain it sorta quick 🙂

Daine was born with something called a ‘recessed vulva’ which means that when she went potty the pee didn’t all come out and some of it got trapped inside her, or against her skin, which lead to a very nasty UTI (which is how it was diagnosed) a few months back.

We saw 4 vets in total before picking a vet to do her surgery, which was no easy task let me tell ya! One vet had never actually preformed the surgery before, but assured me since he had read about it he could preform it! Another vet wanted to keep her a few days, and wanted close to $3,000 dollars for it! We finally settled on a vet recommended by a friend and after meeting him we were confident he’d do the job correctly and safely.

Here is a vet article about it, its got pictures so just beware of that http://www.veterinarypracticenews.com/vet-practice-news-columns/surgical-insights/common-cause-of-chronic-uti-has-a-surgical-solution.aspx

We haven’t posted any pictures of Daine to respect her privacy 😉

Shes healing well, but she’ll be on ‘rest’ for at least 10 days! Thats the hardest part for her, not being allowed to run around and play with her brother and sister!

It doesn’t seem to cause her much pain, shes just kinda sore

We thank everyone for all the prayers and kind words, they really mean a lot to us!



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One thought on “Daines surgery

  1. midnightangel6660

    glad your feeling better i knew you were having operation but not what for glad it turned out well thank dog mommy said no to the guy that never did it we dont like being ginnypigs

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