I’m not technically a dog trainer….yet

and I dont pretend to play one on TV

But I do want to become a dog trainer and I’m lucky to be able to be working with two dogs and their owner at the moment to achieve that goal… I even bought a book (shocking I know) ‘So you want to be a dog trainer? A how-to guide’

Basically there is no universal certification ‘school’ or whatever to become a dog trainer, its about experience and knowledge, but anyone can legally call themselves a dog trainer. Which is why its so important to get to know yours!

There are times, okay lots of times, most of the time, that I feel like I’m in over my head, like I have no right giving any one advice about training a dog because I dont have a titled dog, Ive never done it before, I dont have someone to apprentice under in my area… But then I try to remember all of the reading Ive done, the research, the work Ive put into my 3 kids (who still have a LONG way to go mind you) and just remind myself if I dont know the answer I can always find it somewhere!

I think Daine having surgery and not being able to train has been hard on the both of us, she and I have been working together for almost a year now and we understand each other pretty well… I cant wait for my baby girl to feel better so we can start training again! In the meantime I’ll work with Teddy and Beka and my two clients (love saying that)

Anyone out there got any advice? I’m open to it 🙂 Anyway these are just my musings of the day!

I am going to attempt to get out at least two blog posts a week and one of those I will try to make into a training blog! So get your questions in 😀


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3 thoughts on “I’m not technically a dog trainer….yet

  1. Kelly roe

    Would like to hear your opinion, thoughts ideas on agility training as i have a border collie and as im sure u know they thrive better having a job ad such was looking into agility training for her and I

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