That thing called Agility

Hello Y’all (or if you prefer I guess Hello You All!) today I’m going to work on answering this question:

Would like to hear your opinion, thoughts ideas on agility training as i have a border collie and as im sure u know they thrive better having a job ad such was looking into agility training for her and I


Agility training/trials are (basically in my opinion) doggy athletics! Sports! Olympics! They can provide confidence to a shy dog, and help keep dogs in shape/give them something to do! (Remember dogs LOVE to have a job!) As soon as Daine is healed up from her surgery she and I are going to work on getting her CGC (canine good citizen award) so that she can start Agility Training, we are hoping to eventually compete in this and Rally/Obedience trials! Its going to be a long journey for the both of us I think, as the only place in the area that teaches it only teaches it every 6-8 weeks or so….

Now, if you just stumbled upon this thru a tag or search or share you might be thinking “What in the world IS agility really??”

Here is a lovely wiki link for you!

Its basically an obstacle course for dogs, that must be completed in a certain order in a certain amount of time which is determined by the size/height of the smallest dog in the group (if I recall correctly off the top of my head, I cant find my rule book!), the dogs are off leash and you aren’t allowed to touch them or use treats/toys to bribe them to preform the tasks. You also aren’t allowed to repeat any of the tasks if you preform an error…

Here is the link to the (really long) rule book from the American Kennel Club about Agility!

There is some really good stuff in there to prepare you for the agility trials themselves, if you are interested in agility as a competition/sport I really urge you to find a kennel club/training club/trainer who is familiar with them and possible has an agility course! If you want to just try it out for fun there are several websites that can tell you how to make your own agility equipment or you can buy kits on websites like amazon and find ‘how to’ videos on youtube!

Not only is agility a good sport for puppies BUT its a great sport for humans too! Because you need to run along side the puppy from obstacle to obstacle! 😉

I hope this answers at least some of your questions about Agility! If you have more questions you can fill out the form on this page to send them too me, or leave them as a comment on any post! Thank you so much for reading!


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