Hello! As most of you know we are currently fostering a little boy named Kaiser, he is 4 1/2 months old, weighs about 35 pounds and he is tri-pawed. He also happens to look a LOT like our Teddy! He’s been here for two days now, and I cant even tell you how many people have already labeled him a foster fail… If I could give one piece of advice to everyone it would probably be please dont do that, it makes it so hard on foster parents when you do that… At least it does for me! Its been just TWO days! Yes I love him with all my heart, no I dont want to see him go, just thinking about it makes me tear up (and I’m not a big cryer)… I hear so often ‘I dont think I could foster because I would fail…’

There is no way to know that beforehand of course, but if you go into it with that attitude then you will fail!

No Kaiser is NOT a foster failure. We have yet to decide anything and our current plan is for him to stay here for two weeks, get used to being in a house setting and go to rescue and get a forever home. Could that change? Its a small possibility yes, but right now he’s in what I call the ‘honey moon’ phase, hes learning the ropes around here, and the other 3 are learning how to live with him.

In the end, I cant think about myself, I have to think about whats best for Kaiser, whats best for Daine, Beka, and Teddy because they were here first… And its hard, and I wish I could take them all, but sometimes its best!

Is foster failing bad? NO WAY! I prefer to think of them as foster fate, or just fate ya know? Ive foster failed TWICE so far, Beka and Teddy were both supposed to be fosters! : )

{DISCLAIMER this post isn’t directed at anyone so please dont feel that way!}

NOW without further ado PICTURES! Click on the pic to make it bigger!!


Thank you so much everyone! Dont forget that Daine and I are doing ‘Paws in the Park’ on September 29th! More info on that to come soon on my blog, but you can check Daine’s page for info too : )


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2 thoughts on “Fostering

  1. I know what you mean, I’d like to take them all too. But i’m sure it is hard enough to be able to afford the food, vet, toys etc. for the 3 you have. Practicality usually wns out over emotion in my house. 😦
    I admire you for taking him in and giving him the tools to get off on the right foot/paw and find his forever home. Sometimes people say things without thinking that their words could unintentionally make someone else feel bad. Only your family can know what’s right for your situation.
    Keep up the great work!
    PS. You menioned that you want to become a trainer, you seem like you are on the right path! Have you seen this website? It’s got a LOT of info that might be helpful…

  2. Thank you for the reply Kim! I’m not sure whats more expensive our vet bills or the toy bill πŸ˜‰ LOL

    Ah yes, I think Ive almost memorized it ; ) thank you for sharing it again with me πŸ™‚

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