A pupdate

Hello y’all! Its time for a PUPDATE! The part of the show where I give you an update on how are little foster boy is fitting in! For those of you who haven’t heard (maybe you missed the royal update? lol) Kaiser is our tri-pawed long term foster! Since Ive had several people ask me ‘what to expect when fostering’ among other questions so I thought I’d include that in this post!

Kaiser is 4 1/2 months old, he is a tri-paw which means he has 3 legs… His back left leg was crushed and had to be amputated (about 3 weeks ago) which has brought a few different challenges to things! He has seen some weight gain in the past few weeks, he also ended up with kennel cough and hes had a little rash which we think is a reaction to the sutures. He’s been on antibiotics and a steroid which have really helped. We are currently looking for a rehab vet to get him started in physical therapy and such.

As far as his fitting in here, well thats yet to be totally determined, he does have some minor behavioral issues we are working on but then again he’s only 4 1/2 months old and he did spend quite some time at the shelter recovering : ) Our biggest concerns right now are helping him become potty trained (not so easy with the steroids) and kennel training him, he has HUGE kennel anxiety issues, which after talking to some of the people over at JHS he’s had since he got there… I have video to load when I get a moment to show kennel anxiety vs normal kennel training.

What to expect when fostering?

1.) Expect everyone to assume you’ll foster fail ; )

2.) these things take TIME

3.) Give the ‘new kid’ time to learn the rules, remember you didn’t know everything your first day of Pre-K learning things like: share, be polite, use your inside voice, etc take time : )

4.) Expect your current ‘kids’ to be confused, and possible act out a little… Whenever we get a new foster Beka tends to pout for a few days, Daine tends to have a bit more attitude , and this time Teddy was a little whiny lol

5.) Try a slower transition and ‘neutral zone meets’ to prevent fights, for instance when we fostered Beka she stayed in the dinning room and Daine stayed in the living room, they could see each other and smell each other but that was about it, we also didn’t get them off leash together for quite some time.

6.) Make sure to give your kids some extra TLC it’ll help!

7.) NEVER (EVER) feed the new kid with your kids, you cant predict food agression! I recommend first feedings in kennels, then in two separate rooms, and maybe eventually in the same room, it depends on the puppy of course

8.) never leave a foster puppy alone with your kids, in fact I dont recommend leaving your kids home alone together either but thats just my opinion

9.) Give it 2 weeks, I believe puppies need about 2 weeks to settle in and learn the rules, also wait about two weeks before you do anything past potty training and sit, you dont want to get too frustrated because this puppy is learning a whole new set of house rules

10.) CONGRATS on fostering! Fostering REALLY DOES save lives! It free’s up space for more dogs, and it helps a dog get adopted because that dog is learning manners! : D

I hope this helps some! What have you learned that helps when fostering a dog? Thanks for reading!

As of RIGHT NOW our plans are to foster Kaiser until he is healthy and help him find a furever home locally, this could change to an adoption whose to say really what the future holds?



He has beautiful markings

Head tilt! You can resist!


Kaiser has very cute floppy ears much like Teddy’s

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