Time flies!

Oh goodness, it seems every time I turn around months have gone flying by! Ive wanted to blog so much lately but just haven’t been able to find the time or the muse to do so! So please excuse me if todays blog is a muddled mess and please forgive my absence!

I’m sure most of you have heard the news that we officially adopted Kaiser, wow has it been a whole week already?! We decided that we just couldn’t live without him, he and Teddy have become a bonded pair and with his issues he would have had a hard time finding a home…. And we all just love him ; )

I have decided Four is my limit, as sad as it is to say we are hanging up our foster parent caps for awhile, at least until Kaiser is 2 because these 4 need to be trained and focused on and I cant do that if we are always changing their environment… What does this mean for us? Well it means that we will sponsor dogs and we will continue to work to raise money for JHS, and Daine and I will continue to attend events to raise awareness….

Those of you who are closest to us know that we’ve been looking to buy a house for some time now, we’ve been renting for many years and this just isn’t working out for us anymore, I’m happy to say that today we are officially signing the papers to buy the house we are currently in! You can thank this for the fact that we adopted Kai ; ) Dad promised him that if we found a house we’d adopt him! lolol I think Kai prayed a little and helped it happen.

Now for the pupdates:

Beka has had some issues lately with her foraging, when she is upset or stressed she finds and eats non-food objects and becomes sick…. Usually its something like paper or something like that, this time I think she managed to chew off a small piece of brick and eat it, it passed but its had her stomach in knots…

Daine has had some attitude issues as of late, mostly those are linked to her age and the fact that she isn’t allowed to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. She is doing well in class and we hope to get her therapy certified by early next year! She has healed up completely from her surgery and has no more complications from that

Teddy, when people ask me how Teddy is doing I say ‘Teddy is as Teddy does….’ He is defiantly my wild child… I would describe his personality as rockstar-jedi-ninja-prince! He has a bossy attitude but at the same time he loves to please, he keeps Kai in line a lot

And finally Kaiser…. We are working on his issues daily, most of those are due to his insecurity since the amputation. Its been about 2 months since the amputation I believe, and he is doing well for the most part, we are working on getting him a wheelchair to help build up his strength and to prevent him from having joint/back pain later on in life, that should be accomplished in November….

I hope to get things set up to do more regular blog posts on here! I try to answer questions as promptly as possible so if you have one please feel free to ask away!



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2 thoughts on “Time flies!

  1. Happy to hear Kai has found a safe, loving home, and a buddy in Teddy! Love following along with their lives through your blog! I love them all, but must admit deh Beka is my favorite! She reminds me a lot of my Nike girl, The Lazy Pit Bull! 🙂

    • I believe 7 times out of 10 I have someone tell me ‘I love them all, but Bekas my favorite’ or something along those lines…. Just dont tell Daine 😉

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