Aint no party like a pitbull party!

Because a pit bull party never ever ever stops! At least thats how I feel today! *phew* I honestly think the kids would play until they dropped if I let them! Today I had to paint the bathroom and work on a wall in the kitchen and since the weather was wonderful the puppies spent most of it going in and out with Dad! They seemed to really enjoy dozing in the sun, running around, playing, digging, and all sorts of doggy fun!

Dont you wish you had that kind of energy? To keep going and going only stopping to drink some water or rest for a few moments? I know I do! I suppose I could look at the endless energy a few ways, but I choose to be thankful for it because someday they wont have so much energy, they wont be able to play as much, run as much, explore as much… And even tho that day might seem far away its not far enough away….

Why am I posting about this? Well because for awhile there I got caught up in getting things done, trying to check all those things off my to-do list, missing that extra hour of sleep I might have gotten…. Never again. I got tired of living in the future of what-ifs and I want to make each and every day count, I want to enjoy life! Call me crazy but I do, and its harder than you’d think! There are times when I just want to scream! Yesterday was one of them ; ) Teddy alone destroyed his weight in items! Okay not quite but he did shred an entire roll of TP, 4 pairs of unmentionables, 1 shoe, he tried to chew up the couch, some toys, and he was a holy terror! But instead of yelling when I caught him with the TP I couldn’t help but laugh! He looked so happy and so proud of himself for ‘making snow’, sure I had just cleaned the floors AND made the bed, but that can be redone, and I’m okay with that….

So what about you? What do you do to ‘seize the day’? This is another reason I take SO many pictures because I want to be able to cherish each moment…. Silly huh?

Anyway the puppies are finally resting after a day of crazy and its time to start getting cleaned up for bed! Thanks for reading!


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