Raising Kaiser

Hello again everyone!

First off I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween! Personally we wont be doing anything tonight, but thats mostly because no one hands out dog treats! lol

Second I want to announce my new twitter handle @MommahsMusings where you can follow me for pictures and #Pupdates about the kids in real time

Today I want to talk about Kaiser! I haven’t really had a chance to update everyone on how he’s doing with everything going on around here, so I thought I’d take a moment to tell everyone a little bit more about him and how he’s doing.

As best I can piece together Kaiser was bought from a backyard breeder and when his family moved they left him with someone who then either gave him to someone else, or let him out where he wandered around till he got hit by a car and ended up at the humane society with the broken leg. He was about 4 weeks old when his birth mother died and he was bought, which I believe is the root of some of the issues we are currently facing with him.

Now, I’m not playing the blame game or saying its anyones fault and we will certainly not give up on training Kaiser, that I can promise you!

The incision from Kaiser’s amputation has finally healed up! Although he keeps breaking out in this mystery rash that we cant quite pin-point the origin of… He’s starting to gain more muscle and we are ordering his wheelchair tomorrow morning.

Kaiser and Teddy seem to have become a bonded pair, when/if you separate them they cry for each other until they are reunited. They want to do everything together and can often be found snuggling asleep…

Right now with Kaiser we are working on:

Basic manners ~Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Drop it, Take it, Come when called, and walking politely on a leash

His dog issues ~Kaiser is VERY insecure in himself at the moment, this leads to him trying to ‘puff up’ and make himself appear big and scary to other dogs (And sometimes even people)

His people issues ~ We aren’t quite sure what these are, sometimes he LOVES people he cant get enough kissing and petting, and then sometimes he doesn’t wanna meet anyone new and growls at strangers

Guarding issues ~ he wants to guard me, Dad, the couch, the bed, the car… *Sigh*

We are hoping that with some training his confidence levels will rise thus solving the majority of his issues… Right now he sleeps in his own bed because he feels threatened sleeping in mine when the other pups jump in and out of bed, it also keeps him from being stepped on which really hurts him.

I’ll keep everyone posted as we go! Kaiser is a very intelligent little boy and we love him dearly! We are ordering his wheelchair tomorrow and it should get here either Saturday or Monday so keep your eyes peeled!


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3 thoughts on “Raising Kaiser

  1. First off I love following your puppies on facebook, highlight of my day often. Second, I know you’re very busy but next blog could you maybe put some tips or specific ideas on “how” you’re working with Kaiser. The more I read about him, the more he sounds like my pup. Mine hasn’t had as rough a life as poor Kai, but has some of the same issues, and when you mentioned his origin it sounded familiar! My pup was brought to the shelter, without mom at 2 1/2 wks and was there until we got him around 8 weeks. Thanks!

    • Hello! Thank you 😀
      I’m going to work on that 😀 Right now I’m learning as I go but I will def post another update soon 🙂 Pups who are separated from their Moms early in life like that tend to display simliar issues
      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. Kathy

    I always check the fb pages! My husband and I have had so many laughs at ur furry family. Plz dont ever stop sharing them. I really believe that mr. tri paw will come around. We adopted a boxer mix and he has bn with us since may, he still wont leave my side. Best wishes to the gang!

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