These are the days of our lives

Hello again! I feel like every time I turn around its been a few weeks and I haven’t posted! I’m sorry about that! As most of y’all know things have been crazy around here, but I am going to try to get back into the groove!

Daine recently graduated from her Advanced training course, she takes the CGC next month and then in January she’ll start therapy dog training! : D Now to get Teddy ready for the CGC! Sometimes it feels like Teddy has ADHD! Lol His focus sucks most of the time!

We are hoping Beka will be able to start classes in Jan. as well to work on some of her issues and phobias, right now with the holidays and all the changes going on we figured it would be best to wait until things settle back down a little! How times does fly tho, it doesn’t feel like its been a year since Beka found us, but in just a few short weeks it will be!

Kaiser is doing WONDERFULLY in his wheelchair! He just loves it and does his happy sharky dance whenever I ask him if he wants to wear his wheels, he’s really starting to understand how to play while wearing them, and that he can run! He LOVES going for walks and exploring the world outside the yard, hes had fewer melt downs and fewer issues of agression since he got his wheelchair. He’s also not as sore as he normally was! So in my mind it was money very well spent!

I always say someday things will settle down around here, but honestly I dont think that will ever happen, and if it did it would probably be REALLY boring! I do love the crazy moments, forgetting that I have cleaning to do or cooking that needs to be done and just picking up a ball and running around the back yard. I think its good for the soul. I’m often asked how I get everything done with the Furry Four around, the answer is I dont! But thats okay with me, I try not to think about it but I know in the back of my mind that their time is short on this earth and I dont want to waste any of it. I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity to stay home with them, because life couldn’t possible get any better than this, no matter how hard it is and how tight things are, they make me happy.

Anyway thats whats going on in our world lately! I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving Week!


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