Finding Beka

December 7th 2011

It was any other day really, I dont remember much of what went on before 3:30 just the usual stuff, I had walked Daine and we were playing in the back yard (this was before the fence was finished) and I had my back to the front yard for a moment trying to find Daine’s ball… When I turned around Daine was nose to nose with this strange orange dog! I panicked! Daine got sick so very easy and I didnt know anything about this dog! But she wagged her tail and kissed my hand when I picked Daine up…. So I called her as I took Daine inside… It was then I noticed she was starved, literally starved, I could count all the bones in her back/rips I could see her hips too clearly, and she was weak. So without even thinking I grabbed a bag of dog food, a bowl of water, and a slip lead and headed back out praying this dog was still there. And she was, sitting on the walkway shivering and crying. My heart broke, and I did the only thing I could think of to do, without thinking of the consequences or anything… I convinced the dog to follow me onto our enclosed porch by feeding her… She ate as much as she wanted, and drank 3-4 bowls of water, and I checked to see if she had any tattoos or wounds that needed attention.

And then together we sat and waited for Dad to come home… What follows is in GREAT detail, some of it you might now wanna read, if so thats okay… I understand, if you wanna keep reading click the read more button

The only way I can describe how Beka smelt was that she smelt like death, it clung to her despite multiple baths with a strong shampoo… Her fur was dull, and her eyes and ears looked HUGE compared to the rest of her body. I was so worried she was heart worm positive or something really bad… I mean she looked awful.

That first night we thought about her sleeping on the front porch, but then we just couldn’t do it, she’d been so cold for God knows how long we just wanted her to be warm, so she slept on my room… She woke up every few minutes panicked and pacing. All she pooped was hair, rocks, and feed corn like the kind you give cattle…. And it smelled so bad, I cant even begin to describe it (my room still smells if it gets hot)

I took her to the vet next day and they checked her for a microchip but couldn’t find one, the vet also said she was about 6-7 months old and had just finished her first heat.

The marks on her face were road rash, the vet said someone had thrown her out of a car and she hit the ground hard. She had razor wire cuts in her ears and on her body, and her toe nails had been crushed… She had ear mites and worms, but other than that she was totally healthy. We couldn’t believe our luck!

She had to have medicine put on her face several times a day, you could tell it hurt but she didn’t fight it, she just let it happen. You could tell she was afraid but she was trying so hard to trust.


She was afraid of:

the wind


dust pans






the tv (shocking I know)

her own shadow…


It was crazy! I felt so bad for her! It was two steps forward and three steps back! Every day is a new day tho, we just take it a day at a time

We decided to wait a month before making Beka ‘officially’ ours, but we knew she was going to be forever ours, no matter what.

We soon discovered that Beka had allergies, she was allergic to nylon so collars made her break out in hives, she was allergic to plastic which caused her to end up with blisters all over her face. We now know she has a grain allergy as well.

She has her moments, and her issues, but shes our Beka and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! I’m so thankful for all the friends she has made over this past year, and for how far shes come! From 33 pounds to 80 pounds! She certainly has changed a lot, yet those eyes are still the same soulful ones that she showed me that first day last year!



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5 thoughts on “Finding Beka

  1. Trish Lamour

    It’s hard not to get teary eyed reading this. I’m so glad you found her and took her in. Who knows what would’ve happened if she had been sent away. I know she wouldn’t have been the happy well-adjusted baby she is today. I love you guys! Give Beka and the rest of your babies a big kiss for me.

  2. Cheryl Tyler

    Loved hearing Beka’s story. So glad she found you. And so glad you share her through Facebook. Keep the blog going……you are a great writer.

  3. Pamela Culpepper

    What a WONDERFUL ending to what must have been a very sad story before sweet Beka found you all! I follow all the “kids” but have always had a bit more of a soft spot for Beka.. Lol she reminds me a lot of our Zoe. You are special, awesome people.. Miss Beka, Daine, Teddy, and Kai are very lucky furkids!

  4. kelly moore

    So sad how some people just toss out dogs like a piece of trash, however iam sure you feel blessed she found your home, i believe with all my heart the lord sends them our way knowing we will feed them love them and give them a forever home , we have now 3 inside cats who were all resuces, a male who showed up couple of months ago, who was feral but with time he now loves us and lets us pet him he has to stay outside due to the dogs do not like him,,,, he is not neutered yet, not sure how old he is but he is missing some teeth so , and then out pit mix bosco who is 3 now was just 6 weeks old when my son brought him home he got him from some guy who was trying to sell the puppies as pure bred pit bulls, he is probably the only one who survived of his litter mates what a loving dog he is, then when he was about 2 one of my sons friends called and said they had a puppy who people just moved out and let her alone, she is alot like Beka very in secure and scared, now we have had her Bella is her name for about a little over a yr and she is comming along she is now 80 lbs or more she is a hefer for sure lol, just wanted to say without people like us these poor loving animals wouldnt have made it , wishing you and yours a very merry and blessed christmas…

  5. Susan Muzoleski Johnston

    Love hearing Beka’s story. What a lucky baby she was to find you guys. You have such a wonderful pack who all found wonderful homes with you guys.

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