A year in review

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Or Happy Holidays! I’m not picky : ) The kids had a great day playing with new toys (and the wrapping paper, that stuff is doggy and kid crack! lol!!) and now everyone is asleep and since I have this bum knee I’m kinda just stuck in bed, so Ive been thinking… I know thats a dangerous task for a blond ; ) But here I am! And I just wanted to get some of my thoughts down before ya know they blow away! (Hey we have 25 mph winds here it could happen!)

It has been a really long year for our family, starting with Beka finding us at the end of 2011! There have been ups and downs and lefts and rights ; ) LOL We’ve had sickness and health, warm weather (HOT WEATHER) and cold weather! We’ve gone from 2 kids to 4 kids!

Its honestly hard for me to believe its been an entire year, I know everyone says that but for me its like WOW this year just went by CRAZY fast… In April we started fostering a dog named Tobie and in June he went to his forever home in PA. Then a little bit later we brought “Baxter” who became Teddy home and well we foster failed with him, I just saw this sweet adorable little boy that I felt had so much love in him who meshed so well with our girls and I couldn’t let him go! We had an awesome summer of lake fun and trying to stay cool in the 110* weather watching everyone grow (which always makes me sad to realize how much everyone has grown)….

And then Daine had her surgery, that was a REALLY stressful time for all of us, she ended up ripping her stitches and she had to have emergency surgery… But she came thru it okay and hasn’t had an infection since! She graduated from her Advanced level class and started training in a more serious environment. She also started working with Joplin Humane Society to raise money and awareness, we have LOVED doing that!

Beka had her first birthday, Daine had her first birthday, and then when we were at the shelter to pick a dog to sponsor for Daine’s birthday when I met Kaiser… In one of the greeting rooms (actually Ive never mentioned this before to ANYONE, but its the same room we took Daine to to play when we adopted her…. Okay I’m not gonna cry moving on)  was this little baby who had just had his leg amputated (he still had stitches) who was just the most loving love bug I had ever seen… “Dont even think about it” I told myself… We picked him to sponsor and I told them if he got picked for rescue we’d foster him till he could leave, I couldn’t bear the thought of him sitting in a shelter in pain with no home till he could leave…. WELLLLLL he got picked and we took him home with us… JUST TO FOSTER… Yeah…. He had SO many issues, he was selectively people fearful, we couldn’t seem to manage his pain, he had PTSD, and he was dog reactive… He and Teddy created such a bond I couldn’t bear to separate them… So I foster failed again.

Time passes, we have our good days and our bad days, but for the most part the days are good… Im so happy with my kids, I dont know where I’d be without them, they are literally the light in my life… They bring me more joy than I could have ever imagined, and I dont understand how anyone could hurt or neglect an animal : (

So here we aren’t not many days left in 2012, with 2013 to look forward too… So here are some random goals I have for 2013 in no particular order

1.) Get Daine, Beka and Teddy enrolled in classes and training

2.) Get Kaiser’s pain under control

3.) Help Daine raise a LOT of money for JHS, I’m thinking our goal for this year’s paws in the park is $2,000 and we wanna get 24 bags of food donated for her BDAY in July

4.) Get the yard privacy fenced and put in a sand pit for the kids

5.) Get everyone new update tags <— This is my first priority in the new year, I realized this month everyones tags have my old number on them

6.) Teach Kai all the basic commands

7.) Get everyone a dental screening and full comprehensive exam

8.) Get Beka allergy tested

What are some of your goals for the new year? Some memories of 2012? I hope everyone had an awesome day and will have an awesome new year!!


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