We might have lost the battle

but we wont lose the war. Great way to start off a blog post right? I figured I could do this as a status update but I felt that wasn’t fair because its quite a long story and since the kids have so many people who are following them I know y’all will want the whole thing.

We’ve had some crazy weather lately, between that and me not feeling my best the kids have been a little cooped up, so we’ve had more behavioral issues than normal. And today took the cake.

We had everyone outside watching them potty and whatnot when Kaiser rushed up to Beka, as best we can figure Beka didnt notice him coming and when she saw me going towards her she grabbed Kaiser and held him down…. Dad and I had to pull them apart and we realized Kaiser needed to see a vet ASAP

If you’ve been following along at home you’ll remember that we’ve been to the vet 7 times so far since the 2nd and the last two times (today and yesterday) we went to a new vet. I’m very grateful that he was able to see us on such short notice.

Kaiser ended up needing 3 staples and some wound cleaning, he’s a bit of a mess right now emotionally. (Beka’s totally fine) Why am I telling you all this instead of pretending it never happened? Thats a good question, I did think about just not mentioning and trying to avoid getting any pictures of it… But our policy with the kids pages has always been honesty, y’all are involved in their lives on a daily basis, in the past 48 hours Ive come to realize just how much my kids mean to their friends, people we’ve never even met who love them so much… Its really touching and heart warming.

So what does this mean now?

Well today we talked to our new vet about putting Kai on some anti-anxiety medicine, to help him calm down so he can learn and trust again… We will also be more strict in our crate and rotate schedule paying close attention to the weather, Kai’s moods, Beka’s moods and how we feel…

Its going to be a lot more work but they are both worth it, medicine isn’t a ‘fix’ its not going to cure Kaiser, but it will help calm him down so that we can work on helping him navigate and understand the world around him…

We are going to look into some calming collars for everyone (again), and some pheromone sprays and such…. And as soon as we can we are seeing a behavioral trainer

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone whose followed the kids, all the friends they have, y’all mean a lot to us and aren’t just ‘numbers’

Thank you so much… Please as always feel free to ask any questions



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9 thoughts on “We might have lost the battle

  1. It’s late, so I’ll be brief. We adopted our third dog with som trepidation. She is female and I have a 13-year-old unsocialized female who borders on mentally ill(she was my 93-year-old dad’s dog). Seriously. It’s been a long 9 months. The fights were traumatic for both dogs and us humans. The third dog got spooked just when my son stood up from sitting. She nearly amputated his right index finger. It was touch and go. He still can’t use it 2 months later, and he’s right-handed. 99% of people thought I should “euthanize” her, but it was a freak accident. My son suffered terribly, but even he didn’t want her killed. We are starting to be able to let our guards down a little. A Thundershirt really helped the older one along with meds for a month in tapering doses as well as a behaviorist. They’ve both accepted the situation, and both are scared of a fight, so it’s working out okay. I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Man, y’all just can’t catch a break around there. I’ll be sending good thoughts and prayers. These puppies couldn’t be in a better home. Things like this happen and you’re always with them to stop it as soon as possible and work with them. Maybe Kai was jealous of Teddy and Daine’s boo boos 🙂

    • I asked if he was jealous of their ‘shiny metals’ (the staples)
      Silly goose…
      Our kids are NEVER left alone together unsupervised which helps 🙂
      Thanks for commenting and reading! 🙂

  3. Hang in there! Slow and steady. They are definitely worth the effort and they are so fortunate that they all found you and your dad. They are a very well loved bunch, for sure! (By many many people!)

  4. I think you should send Beka and Teddy to me until Kaiserdog heals. Yeah, that’s what I think. j/k

    I guess it’s like human kids…they get in fights, get hurt, and need guidance to figure out life. You guys seem to be doing a pretty good job, and I love that I have never once heard you say you might give up. These dogs depend on you, just like all our dogs depend on us. Keep that chin up.

    • I dont think you realize the magnitude of the floofs you will get Dustin, do you have a gas mask handy? 😉

      Thats what I always think, Lord knows when I was younger and not as bright and intelligent as I am now my sister and I sent each other to the ER on a few occasions! LOL

      Keep Calm and Pet a Pittie

  5. Stephanie

    Unfortunately we can only guess what goes on in their furry minds. All dogs get into squabbles now and then. It sounds like you are taking a lot of steps to ensure they all get along and stay safe. I adopted a dog six months ago who has some behavior issues. He is very fearful and especially fearful of men. He goes crazy! We have had him at the vet twice…which was an adventure. We are in a small isolated town so we only have one vet, a man at that. Our first trip he was the model dog. So well behaved for the vet; even letting him trim his nails without any fuss. The second time we got the demon dog. He had to be held back as he snarled and growled at the vet. The vet will now only see him if he is muzzled. It is so sad because he is mostly a really good dog. What set him off that day? We have no idea. I love your fur babies pages and follow them regularly. I hope you share the things you learn so maybe I can get some insight into what is happening with our boy. Unfortunately we have no behaviorists here to consult. I really appreciate you being so honest and candid about what happened. You certainly could have kept it to yourself. It really shows the rest of us pet owners that life with our pets is not always perfect! Keep up the great work.

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