Ask and you shall receive

We had some questions asked on Daine’s page last night and I thought I’d get a start on answering them, you can see the original post here

Tracey K. asked

I would like to hear about the people behind the Princess…like about the great Mommy and Daddy…what they like, how they got to be dog people,, what they do on their free time…etc

Great question! I can answer for myself and a little for Dad but some background information might be helpful, for this and all of the questions…

I’m 22 years old, I’m the oldest of 6 siblings (1 full sibling, 2 half, 2 step), Ive traveled a bit, but right now what I do is help my Dad take care of 2 of my siblings, its a messy job but someones got to do it right? : ) I like to read and of course do things with my kids, Im actually kinda shy in person, Ive got a few close friends… I think Ive always been a dog person, as long as I can remember Ive always loved dogs, growing up I always wanted a husky or great dane… Free time? Whats that? LOL Any free time I have is spent with the kids or reading, I’m a major book nerd : )

Dad is of course my father, my step-father, he’s a retired army vet, I think he came to be such a dog person because of Daine, he just fell in love with her and then he just totally fell in love with Beka and the rest is history! Dad LOVES movies and random tv shows, so when he isn’t doing transports or snuggling Beka he’s probably doing something like that : )

Amanda M asked

As much as I love my puppies (Daine, Beka, Teddy & Kai), I’d love to learn more about the humans behind the awesome pups. I know theres an awesome support team but is there more? I once heard about human kids…where do they fit in… And there are kitties too?

Well theres myself, and Dad, and there are two human kids although they dont play too big a role right now… They are my sisters and between school and everything else they keep pretty busy. There are many cats actually, too many to tell you because then I’d be labeled as a crazy cat lady ; ) The cats still haven’t forgiven me for bringing home Kaiser, but they’ll come around, they usually do ; ) The cats are *ahem* very cat like and spend most of the day sleeping in the windows or near the furnace, we are working on trying to get the boys used to the cats, but 3 of our cats are semi-ferals that we brought inside when some neighbors threatened to shoot them or poison them…

Stephanie B asked

How do you find the time to give great care to four dogs? Do you ever feel one is being overlooked or is each dog more attached to a particular family member?

Wow, what a GREAT question! (Not that the others weren’t great, but I feel like I spend a lot of time thinking about this)

First of all CARE, Ive found that a routine helps make sure that everyone gets the best care and then I can watch for anything out of the ordinary… Right now we are doing crate and rotate till everyone is all healed up and we have no more staples, so Beka and Teddy will be out while Daine and Kaiser are resting and vice versa, this ins’t permanent but I dont want ANY MORE ‘re-suturing’ and everyone is counting down the days till they can get rid of their staples! Since I’m basically a stay-at-home Mom Im very blessed to have the time to spend with the 4 of them, I’m very lucky and I know that.

This is a question we ask ourselves a lot, for awhile there it felt like Teddy saw himself as the red headed step-child of the family, he was a little disconnected, but he and I have taken to snuggling every night before bed and thats really helped. Beka is most attached to Dad, while it seems Daine is my girl but she adores Dad… and Kaiser is my baby but he’s still feeling out his place in the family, he’s had a really rough time lately and I’m hoping he realizes soon that he’s very much loved and doesn’t need to act out.

Lin B asked

Who is really the boss at home and why?

HA! Princess DaineDaine is of course! ; )

Oh honestly? Um, I’m not sure…. I guess we both are, Dad and I that is? But lets face it, everyone knows the Princess is really in charge ; )

Anyway, that’s enough for today! Thank you everyone for the questions and for following my kids : )


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2 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive

  1. Thank you for answering my question! It is nice getting to know more about you and your family. I love the pages and will continue to follow all their adventures!

  2. Jeanne


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