An Update on Kaiser

{DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, I dont pretend to be a doctor, I dont even play one on TV.  I am also NOT a behaviorist, all the views expressed on this blog are solely my own. Please if you are having trouble with your pets find a great vet and a great trainer.}


As most of you know I just got back from a little trip and I cant even begin to express how wonderful it is to come home to my kids! I got kissed, smooched, pitboo kissed, snuffled, love nips, and more! Ive been trying to write this post for awhile but between being sick and getting ready to leave my babies (sooooo hard) I just didnt have the time!

As you might recall we’ve been doing both “crate and rotate” with Kaiser and Beka, this means that when Beka is out Kaiser is in his kennel, and vice-versa, usually with a snack of some sort or something to chew on (although usually they nap).

You can read this blog post here to catch up, or check any blog post in this category: Beka  or  Kaiser

We made the choice to put Kaiser on some anti-anxiety medication, this isn’t something we’ve done lightly, or something that will ‘fix’ him… But as anyone who HAS anxiety can tell you its overwhelming, and its hard to focus or learn or think when you are anxious… The medicine takes about 2 weeks to really get into his system and its been about 3 weeks now….

All I can say is I’m so very thankful we did it. This medicine is NOT for every-dog, just like not all medicines are for every person… It can have SERIOUS side-effects that you need to be aware of, and you cannot stop and start it on a whim this can have SERIOUS side-effects as well. But all that being said Kaiser is a night and day puppy now…

It used to take about 2 hours to get him calmed down at night enough to sleep, even with exercise every night and a routine he just couldn’t calm down and sleep… He would scream, cry, tear his bedding up…. Now his bedtime routine takes us about 30 minutes! No more panic attacks after the lights go out, its wonderfully peaceful.

He’s more calm during the day, and leaving him to do something like use the bathroom or cook doesn’t (usually) result in a full on melt down anymore, if he starts to get focused on something he shouldn’t I can call his attention back to me now… Its just wonderful.

I dont know why but this has been a very hard blog post to write, Ive been putting it off and ‘working’ on it for well over a month now… I guess there was just so much pressure (on myself from myself) to get it perfect…. But this is all Ive got so it’ll have to do!




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