Random Facts

Hello again! Today’s blog post is exactly what the title says, a bunch of random facts you may or may not know about our family : )


1.) Beka is our largest kid in height and weight, while Teddy is the smallest

2.) Teddy was a foster, for 6 days

3.) Daine, Beka and Teddy all have ‘socks’ (white markings) Kaiser is the only one with ‘solid’ colored fur (brindle)

4.) Each kid has his/her own special ‘room’ and a bowl of their very own to eat out of… If you give Daine a bowl thats not hers she wont wont (hers has a rubber ring on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around)

5.) Daine was an early birthday present : )

6.) Although we found Beka on Dec 7th her official adoption day is Jan 7th

7.) Daine likes to be completely under the covers, Teddy likes to lay his head on the pillow and have his body covered up, and Beka rarely ever wants covers. Kai has more blankies than you could count and likes to make nests

8.) Beka will not kiss me. She will kiss Dad for 20 minutes straight, but no matter what I try she wont kiss me

9.) We have UNT (universal nap time) it lasts about an hour and its when every puppy is asleep at once, it usually happens between 2 and 3:30

10.) Daine and Teddy always suck their tongues when they are sleepy

11.) Mommah does all the facebook stuff, as dictated by the kid the page belongs too : )

12.) Yes Beka REALLY is obsessed with her Daddy, yes she REALLY does watch tv, NO I cant make this stuff up…. I wish I was that imaginative

13.) Theres a reason I always say Daine, Beka, Teddy, Kaiser…. I’m sure some of you have noticed and wondered, its because Daine was adopted first, then Beka, then Teddy then Kaiser as opposed to age order

14.) Teddy tends to sleep with his eyes open at least half the time, scared me to death the first time because I was worried he had passed out


Thats all for now folks! Got any questions you just HAVE to have answered? Curious about some aspect of the kids lives? Please feel free to use the CONTACT US button at the top of the page : )



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