Happy 2nd Birthday Beka!!

In honor of Beka’s second birthday she is joining me today on the blog to answer some questions from her friends!

BOLD AND ITALIC “LIKE THIS” are Beka’s answers : )

From Anne H.

Why did u stop ur stories miss Beka ?!?

Dat iz a very good question!! We’ve had a chaotic several months here, and I promise to get back to meh stories soon! ❤

From Bella H.

 I would like to know how many times a week peeps ask her what kind of doggy you are and how many times they say oh yeah she does look like a Boxer/Pit after your Mom tells her the answer? We get it a lot too.

Well to be honest I usually tell people that Beka is an American Bulldog mix, in person she looks a little less boxerish, but I usually go with “She’s an American Bulldog-Boxer mix, with a dash of mastiff in there somewhere.” Since Beka doesn’t make a lot of public appearances I’m usually just showing people pictures ; )

From Coral G.

What your is favorite snack and do you steal food at times?

Hmmm meh favorite snacks are carrots, frosty paws, and peanuts butter!! I used to be a really bad food thief, but not so much anymore : )

From Jamie B

Was your momma a Pit or a the Boxer your momma?

Since Beka found us we dont know exactly what her parents were, or what exactly she is… All we know is she is an adorably orange baby with a big blocky head and waggy tail

From Laurin R.

how old is deh Beka going to be?

The Beka is going to be two years old! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday!

From Auntie Mel A.

Da Beka, what is da bestest ting about having aunties (and uncles) on da Facebook?

Hmmmmm I fink it iz having so many peoples in you corner, so many peoples who will pray fur you, send you good thoughts, see how you are doing, cheers you up when you iz sad, and share in you happy moments! Oh and deh pupcakes 

From Auntie Mel. A

Da Beka, what does da daddy whisper in youz ear when youz afwaid?

He tells meh dat he lovez meh, and he will protect meh, and he tells meh secrets which I cannot tells or deh wouldn’t be secrets!  < 3

From Kelly D.

What do you like to watch on deh TV wif Daddy?

Right now we iz watching deh West Wing, we LOVEZ Laws and Order, I likez deh Documentaries , we likez to watch deh Bobs Burgers and Hell’s Kitchen and deh Parking Wars and Cops 

From Calin K.

Do you and your siblings all eat the same food? Do you get crated to eat or how does Mommah schedule it?

We all currently eat Merrick Dog Food, it iz very yummy, it iz made in deh USA in small batches to asure quality, and it has lots of goodness in it fur us! Mmmmmm I DROOLS! 

Deh Beka eats in her kennel every time, because deh Beka um she iz deh food thief sometimes, and will eat too much. Deh Princess eats in her castle or in deh dinning room, Kai eats in his fortress or in Mommahs room, and deh Teddy eats in deh living room (He iz still too afraid to eat in hims room). We all eat pretty much at deh same time, and to get our food we all haz to “Go to your room” and wait to get released one by one so Mommah can get everyfing ready 

Anita M.

what kind of cake mom making  and can we come haaaaaa HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY !! from Paco’s Hope and I

Ahem well ERM Mommah cannot makes cake BOL Daddy iz making a gluten-free yellow cake *mmmmmmm* Tanks you! 

From Auntie Mel A.

Da Beka, how did you learns how to sit up like hoomans to watch TV?

I copied deh Daddy! bol 

From Kelly D.

What’s your favorite treat or toy? And what do you do funnah when you play? And does you has corn chip feets? And does you like to sleep with blankies or without? And does you snore? And what’s Mommah think has changed the most since you found her (except your bigness)?

I LOVEZ baseballs, dis iz a new one… I LOVEZ stuffed toys but ahem I kill dem. I lovez everlasting treats, moose antlers, and KONGS! 

When I play sometimes I try to runs away from meh own butt….. Mommah says I also wag so hard I smacks mehself in deh face sometimes! 

I totally haz corn chip feets! MMMMMMM

WITHOUT! I rarely will ever be under deh covers… Covers kinda scare meh 

Mommah says Yes, I mehself haz never heard it so I dont know! 

Hmmmm I’d have to say Beka’s biggest change has been her personality…. At first she was so very sad, so sad it killed me inside, now she’s a very happy girl!! Unless the tv is broken ; ) She’s a lot braver than she thinks she is! And she doesn’t hoard food anymore which is a huge deal : )

From Kelly D

And who is deh fastest puppah

Oooo dat iz a really hard one…. Deh DaineDaine iz deh fastest on turns and corners, deh Teddy iz REALLY fast but he cannot turn or corner well so he face plants a lot…. BOL

From Michelle R.

Did you have any fears from your past life? Like did you get scared when the broom or hose was picked up, do you not like men (even though I know you LOVE your daddy!) xxx

Yes I do… I iz still afraid of strangers. I am terrified of deh shovel and deh rake, I am afraid of deh broom but I still follow Mommah around to make sure it doesn’t eat her. I dont like doorways, I want to get thru dem as quickly as possible. I dont like lightening or tunder… We haven’t tried in away but baseball hats used to terrify meh and I’m afraid of pliers and most hand tools…. Oh and deh lawn mower iz EBIL 

Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Beka, its hard to believe its already been a year! Lets pray for many many more healthy years of growth and learning! I love you so very much


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