Story Saturday

Hello Again! I hope where you are the weather is better than it is here : ) And that you are having a wonderful weekend!

On my personal facebook about a month ago I tossed around the idea of writing a memoir of sorts about my life since adopting Daine, and while I haven’t made too much progress on it (YET) I am serious about getting it written!!

The hardest part of it all so far is writing without tearing up, and remembering it all! (oh and also TIME!) Ive written about 8 rough pages and when Dad read them he pointed out how much I had actually skipped, so I’m going to have to go back and add way more detail about how we made it from an only dog household into a two dog household (and eventually a 3 and 4 dog household).

Im also wanting the book to have pictures, because seriously how could I write a book about these 4 and not include pictures!

I’m not saying this book will be ready for reading anytime soon, who knows how long it could take to actually write… Especially since more is being added everyday that needs to go in! ; ) But I would like to finish it within a year or so…

So I’m going to try and write a story every Saturday about these kiddos, a memory of something we’ve done, or something thats happened, and hopefully that will help keep the writing going! And you’ll get little sneak peaks of the book : )

The book will all be from my point of view, although it has been suggested that I do at least 1 chapter in Daine’s voice about how she feels about all the changes in her life… We’ll just have to see how that goes

If you have any requests for stories, perhaps something that was mentioned on one of the kids pages you’d like a little more info about, or just something about them you want to know more about, please use the Contact Us button!

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Story Saturday

  1. Cheryl Tyler

    Your writing has voice and clarity and I think you need to really pursue your dream. It can really happen.

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