Confession Time

I have a confession to make…. Every time I am reading a post by someone, or a comment, or a question and I see the words ‘Pack’ or ‘Pack leader’ I want to scream!!!

You will never see me use those phrases and here is why:

My kids are not wild animals. They are not a PACK! A certain someone who shall not be named who has a tv show uses this word a lot, and he’s wrong. Dogs DO NOT have a ‘pack’ mentality! All of his ‘methods’ are based off research thats been disproven TIME AND TIME AGAIN! The wolves the scientist watched when they wrote the paper lived in captivity in a zoo! They behaved MUCH differently than wolves in the wild, and guess what people DOGS ARE NOT WOLVES.

Now I know at the point all you fans of he who shall not be named are ready to walk away, but just wait and hear me out okay?

I look at my four kids as individual dogs, each with a personality of their own, are some of them more bossy than others? *cough* Daine *cough* YES! Does that make her dominant? Perhaps in a way, but does that mean she’s trying to take over as ‘LEADER of the PACK’

H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO!! Dogs dont think like that, they dont plan and scheme to ‘further their standing in the pack’ they dont want to get ahead, usually if you think your dog is trying to be your ‘leader’ the problem is on your end of the leash.

Do dogs need a leader?


But just because I allowed my kids to sleep in my bed doesn’t mean they think they can take over! They know whose the boss when it comes down to it! If you’ve spent much time with a dog you’ll realize they LOVE to make US happy! Does that sound like someone whose trying to take control?

Sure they can be hard headed sometimes, and they can be bossy, and they might not listen… But that doesn’t mean anything other than they aren’t perfect, and guess what English is their second langage ; )

What do I want you to take away from this post? Hopefully an understanding of why I call my ‘dogs’ kids and perhaps a better understanding of doggy thoughts

These are just my thoughts, my opinions, nothing more or less

I believe we have a family, not a pack

Not every technique works for every dog

Just know your dog, get to know them, listen to them….

That is all


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6 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. I got into this discussion with someone not too long ago. The “he who shall not be named” method of fear and intimidation can be very damaging to a dog. That’s not to say that some of the methods are bad, if applied and used properly. On the flip side, the over-permissiveness of some in the positive reinforcement camp can be just as bad. The person I was talking to has kids, so I related it to kids. Basically, with any dog you have to set boundaries and reinforce those boundaries. Reward good behavior and correct the dog when they break a “rule” or cross a boundary.

    • I know exactly what you mean! We need a happy medium! Dogs (like kids) need rules and guidelines, and Dogs (like kids) need consequences when they break those rules because in real life bad things happen when you break rules
      Ive been meaning to write a blog post about this for some time now…

  2. harleydog214

    I agree with you *mostly*… I say that only because my dog really is dominate over my 2 cats – I (she is MY dog) cannot touch the cats without reprisal… she snaps at them, vehemently chases them, and growls at them if they wander onto my lap (which they do often – but I try to keep the luvins out of her view, lol). I have to tell her “leave it” all the time and I hate having to tell her that! And one of the cats we rescued at the age of 1 and is now age 10! Oh well… at least she doesn’t chase them ALL the time, just maybe once or twice a day & sometimes not at all – depends on if the cat gets caught on my lap… lol! Like your blogs! Thanks! I am brand new here to WordPress!

    • Dogs can be situation dominate, and some dogs just dont like cats…. Kaiser being one of those who just doesn’t know what to do with cats 😦
      Thanks for the comment and checking out my blog! : )

  3. Auntie Carrie

    We are totally a pack. A pack of loons. Leila lets me think I’m in charge. 😉

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