Happy Gotcha Day Teddy!

Saturday May 11th marks a WHOLE year since Teddy came to our house! I honestly cant believe its been that long, but sometimes it feels like he’s always been a part of our little family : )

What follows is the story of how he came to be Teddy and how he came to be a part of our family… I hope you enjoy it : )

Last year about this time we had Daine and Beka and a foster named Tobie (who went to a forever home). At the time we’d been doing transports for Joplin Humane Society and we knew they were needing foster homes and I’d been asking (BEGGING) Dad to let us foster. He was worried we’d either get a puppy who didnt fit in with our girls at all, or that we’d end up foster failing *ahem*

On this particular Dad had gone to Kansas City to run a transport for JHS and on his way home he called to tell me he had a surprise for me, I assumed it was chocolate or some new gluten-free goodie to try because that was the norm for him…. So needless to say I was very shocked when, while on a skype call with my best friend, he drove up and I saw some little ears poking out of the back of the car thru the window, I exclaimed ‘WHAT IS THAT’ and started to do a little freak out….

It turned out to be a He, a small very shy ‘pitbull’ whose name was Baxter, Dad explained that he picked ‘Baxter’ because he looked like he had given up hope, like he felt like he would never find a home… To this day thinking of that makes me tear up…. ‘Baxter’ was a very shy and sad puppy, kennel life hadn’t suited him at all and he had been at the shelter for 2 months, thats not to say the shelter was a bad place because trust me JHS is wonderful, but shelter life just isn’t for puppies… or cats… or anyone really! Its kind of like a wait station, thats why you should adopt and foster! ; ) *ahem*

We didnt know anything about ‘Baxter’ except what I could see in front of me, he appeared shy but not afraid, so we let our ‘ambassador’ out with him alone to see how they interacted…

‘Baxter’ meets the Princess

As you can see it went rather well! Teddy loved her from first sight, and Daine tolerated him ; )

He met Beka next and we ALL know how Beka feels about him, to this day she thinks he’s her baby and that he can do whatever he wants LOL

Daine, Tobie, Beka and ‘Baxter’

The foster boy Tobie still had his ‘manhood’ at the time and that kinda freaked Teddy out, but they got along pretty good

It became clear to us that ‘Baxter’ didnt know his name, and to be honest it didnt really suit him at all! So the GREAT NAME HUNT began! If you hadn’t noticed our kids are named after books (except Kaiser who already knew his name when he came to us)

I decided on:


Because he reminded me so much of Teddy in Little Woman, all handsome and debonair but not quite yet out of his shell, this was also the day we decided to adopt our little ‘Teddy Bear’

He fit in so well in our family that I just couldn’t stand the thought of letting him so

So about two days after we brought him home I txted the shelter manager at JHS asking if I could adopt him ; ) She said Yes (obviously) and as soon as I could I went over to fill out his paperwork : D

Teddy had/has his fair share of issues and problems, he is dog reactive to strange dogs, and he lacks self esteem….. Although thankfully he is FINALLY potty trained!!!

I’m so thankful for my little boy who has become a piece of my family puzzle and making my life whole! He brings so much joy into our lives daily, and he did help convince us to keep Kaiser ; )

Everyone always asks ‘What happens if I foster fail’ and they say it like its such a bad thing… Its really dont! Maybe thats how it was meant to be! I think so! Because otherwise I wouldn’t have my two boys!

And now for pictures!

(they arent in order SORRY and I dont know why they are all loading smooshed, you might have to click on them to get them to look right : ( )

Beka conforts Teddy

Teddy and Beka

He gets away with whatever he wants LOL

training the kids

playing in the backyard

Hes always been adorable

And tiny!

And he’s always loved Beka

chewing on the Beka


Teddy and Daine

So cute!!

Teddy Bear

Beka and Teddy

He loved the kitty pool

So cute!



Adoption Papers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little trip down memory lane and you Saturday Story!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day Teddy!

  1. Auntie Carrie

    Teddy was such a cute baby! Django never had super crazy ears like that only mildly crazy ears.
    So funny that I remember sharing “Baxter”. He broke my heart. So glad he ended up with you!

    • He was/is crazy adorable with his crazy ears!!
      Wow! That is crazy! He broke our hearts too, Teddy is a much happier guy 😀

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