Dress to impress! ~A blog post about collars~ part 1

Hey y’all! Its about time I wrote a blog post about dressing up! Its no secret (at least on my personal page) that I am a collar addict. But whats in a collar? How do you choose the best one for your kids? And whats with all these different styles?

{DISCLAIMER: ALL THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS BLOG POST ARE SOLEY MY OWN, They do not in ANY way reflect the views of the collar makers, I didnt get paid to write this post, or to promote any certain company}

Before I start I wanna give a shout-out to PixieGirlTreats they are a business on facebook owned and run by Amy S. who has made almost every collar my kids have, she’s also agreed to let me use pictures of her collars in this blog post so huge thank you for that! And she kinda gave me the idea for the blog post itself! So go check her out and give her a like on facebook https://www.facebook.com/PixieGirlTreats?fref=ts

Lets start with plain flat buckle collars, or as I like to refer to them: ID TAG HOLDERS

These collars usually have a plastic buckle, with a D ring, and are used to hold a dogs identification. Now, in my opinion these collars are not made for walking a dog, if they have a metal buckle or even better yet a ‘bar’ buckle (thats the buckle that will remind you of your belt) they will work for walking with a dog that does not pull, provided that they fit properly. Lets look at some different flat buckle collars and the pros and cons behind them

Plastic Buckle Collar

Above we have a plastic buckle collar (a side release buckle), these are great for around the house wear (provided your dog isn’t like Beka and doesn’t have a plastic allergy) , they can be made from nylon or fabric (as seen above)

These collars should NOT be used with a tie-out or tether as plastic has its limits and can break, these collars also should not be used on strong dogs who pull hard because again plastic does have its limits. These collars are wonderful for holding ID tags and for dogs who dont pull

Leather Buckle Collar

above we have a leather buckle collar, with a conventional or belt buckle style closure

These collars are great for holding IDs and can also be used for walking dogs, these can be made from a variety of materials including cloth, nylon, and leather

While not the best collar for dogs that pull they are stronger over all than the side release buckle, but these collars dont usually have the adjustably of the side release buckle because you can only adjust the side based on how many holes you have

You can also buy collars just to hold ID tags, they usually do not buckle but instead slide over the dogs head and have an o-ring to hold tags on, these collars cannot be used for walking a dog or for tie-outs but are great for around the house wear (At this moment PGT doesn’t make a slide collar like this, but I’m working on bugging her into making one ; ) and I didnt want to steal a photo I didnt have permission to use)

A properly fitted buckle collar will be loose enough to fit at least 2 fingers under, but not so loose that it could slider over the dogs head

Fitting a buckle collar

Fitting a buckle collar

The one Teddy is wearing is rather loose, but you want to be able to fit at least two fingers between the neck and the collar

Next we have martingale collars and for this Ive enlisted the help of some furry four models!

First up lets talk about the regular martingale, a martingale is a collar that has two loops, the first loop (the bigger loop) is where the dogs head goes and the second loop which tightens to prevent a dog from backing out of the collar. Martingales are great collars for dogs who tend to ‘slip’ their collars, and the wider ones are great for walking your dog and training with

Fabric Martingale

These collars can be made of fabric or nylon and will look like the one above, they go on by sliding the larger loop over the dogs head and should be worn loose but not so loose that it falls off if the dog looks down

You should be able to fit a couple fingers  in the loop when its tightened like so:

Properly fitted martingale

Properly fitted martingale

When tightened the two rings should never touch, and the collar should not be so tight as to choke.

Daine's collarThe collar should sit low on the neck (as seen above and bellow)

These collars should not be left on 24/7 as they can get caught on something and tighten causing the dog to panic and possible injury themselves, these are walking or under supervision collars

low and slightly loose

low and slightly loose

Next up with have a chain martingale, these collars (imo) are great for training because the dog can hear the collar tightening and if need be you can give a small correction when the dog is pulling, these collars can be made from nylon, leather, or fabric with a chain loop

Chain Martingale

These collars should only be worn for walking and training/while under supervision as they can get caught on something and possible cause injury

These collars go on and off over the head and are adjusted when on the dog

a loose fit is key

a loose fit is key

With a chain martingale you again want the collar loose, not so loose that if the dog looks down the collar falls off, but more loose than previously discussed

When the chain is tightened you do not want the collar to come over the dogs head

When the chain is tightened you do not want the collar to come over the dogs head

IMG_6127Again you dont want the two sides of the collar to touch when tightened, but you probably wont be able to fit more than a finger between them just because of the nature of the collar itself. You want it to be snug when tightened so that it can come over the dogs head, but not so tight that it chokes the dog. (see pictures above)


No matter what kind of collar your dog wears, please make sure it is properly fitted, and that it has your information on it incase you are separated from your dog (I’ll talk more about what to put on the ID tag in the next post)

Thats all for this post! Question? Comments? Concerns? Ideas? Let me know!

And thanks again to Amy for the use of her images!


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2 thoughts on “Dress to impress! ~A blog post about collars~ part 1

  1. Kim

    I use a buckle collar for Bella, but only for ‘decoration’. (because PGT collars are gorgeous) When we are on leash, she wears an easy walk, front clip harness. This is the only thing that lets me walk her without her pulling me like crazy.

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