I’m alive!!

I guess I should start off with an apology, its been over 2 months since I last posted anything…. So today’s blog post is all about whats going on, why Ive been MIA, and a general update!!

I feel like I literally haven’t had any time, and I guess even when I did have time to sit down and update my blog Ive been so worn out I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

These past two months have been crazy, to say the least! During the end of June beginning of July we noticed that Daine was just not herself. She wasn’t eating well, didnt want to play, didnt want anyone to mess with her, and it just got worse. Around the middle of July Daine stopped eating completely and wouldn’t drink water. Her attitude was completely changed, she wasn’t herself at all. So we took her to our local vet worried about a blockage, he was stumped because while she didnt have good poops she was still pooping a little and she didnt have any vomiting, so he suggested we wait the weekend and see how she was doing over a de-worming (she didnt have any worms he could find but it was his only idea) and if she wasn’t better he suggested we see a specialist for most tests. The next day is when she stopped drinking water, she would whine and growl if you touched her stomach (something she’s never done in her life) and she wouldn’t take ice cubes or any kind of liquid for over 24 hours, we decided we couldn’t wait and made her an appointment with Blue Pearl in Kansas City. As soon as we got there they started her on IV fluids and started running tests, it was the most stressful two days youc an image, I was 3 1/2 hours from home so I stayed in Kansas City in a hotel and an amazing friend of mine flew in to stay with me so that I wouldn’t be alone. I was a nervous wreck. At first they thought it could be an adrenal gland issue, they did an ultra sound, blood work, and finally an endoscopy and colonoscopy.

During the scope they saw some scaring and took biopsies, it was determined that Daine has Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD (you can read more about IBD in dogs here)

She now has 3 medicines to take a day (1 of them is twice a day) and supplements. Each day is a struggle to get her back to normal, to get her to eat, to make sure shes drinking…. We’ve had good days and really bad days. Most days we have to bribe her to eat, just to get something in her stomach so that she can take her meds.

There are many triggers for an IBD flare including:


The Environment





So right now we are trying to keep her as calm as possible, and on a schedule so that her system can heal

But wait! Theres more!!

Poor Miss Beka has had a miserable month too, as we’ve suspected for awhile she has a grass allergy, she had an ear infection last month, and this month is a daily battle to keep her from chewing her feet raw…. So she has to wear shoes outside and a cone inside, pretty adorable but dont tell her 😉


And then theres Teddy


Little Mr. Bear has a partial CCL tear, probably from all his crazy jumping and squirrel chasing!! I wasn’t able to keep him still without sedating him, so he’s got a lovely knee brace for whenever he’s not asleep

KNOCKING HARD ON WOOD Kaiser has been doing okay, he still gets hives from time to time, but as long as I medicate his feet he’s doing okay.


As for me, well I started working for PixieGirlTreats , Im doing the website, the twitter and Instagram pages and whatever else Amy needs : )

This week and next Dad is out of town for a funeral, so I’m just trying to play catch up and get as much as possible done before he gets back so he can rest.


Hopefully with the humans back in school I’ll be able to blog a little more, I wont promise but I’m going to really try

As always feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions about the kids



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2 thoughts on “I’m alive!!

  1. fithealthyjen

    I hope the pups feel all better soon! My boxer is on medicine 3 different meds, 2x a day for the rest of his life. It’s been almost a year now and he looks forward to his “treats”, so long as he’s been up for a while.

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