Finding Kaiser

September 3rd 2012

One year ago today

I always say that adopting Daine was the start of an amazing journey, one that I found my self purpose in and one that I really came to own who I was as a person. If Daine was the beginning of that journey, then Kaiser was like a whole new chapter that really drove it home.

Each of my four kids has brought something new into my life, and taught me a lesson about myself…. I honestly do not know where I would be without them… probably a sad lonely hipster ; ) JK

When we brought Kaiser home it was to foster, and I really did try… I tried so hard not to completely fall in love with him, but he already knew he was home. I had so many people just give me these huge lists of reasons that I shouldnt have even fostered him, much less adopt him. I also had these same people telling me I was wasting my life and my money being involved in rescue work.

“He’s going to be too expensive”

“He has behavioral problems”

“He’s never going to be normal”

“You’ll have to do so much work”

blah blah blah


Is Kaiser more work? Nah not really, no more than the other 3… At first yes he was, but that was just because he was fresh out of surgery and wasn’t potty trained, but let me tell you a secret… Are you ready? *whispers* Kaiser was easier to potty train than Beka and Teddy

Yep, totally serious! It took several several MONTHS to potty train Beka, and it took around a month to potty train Teddy. So Kaiser really wasn’t that hard.

Anyway, I’m getting off the subject here.

Kaiser has taught me so many things, but perhaps the most important is he’s really driven home what I want to do with my life.

(are your ready?)

I really want to be a dog trainer, oh… wait you already knew that didnt you? But heres the kicker, I want to train special needs dogs, and our goal is to eventually have a rescue and rehabilitation center for the ‘unwanted’

I cannot image my life without my sweet boy, he was the missing piece to our family puzzle…. And while he and Beka dont really get along right now, it still fits perfectly.

I remember the first time I saw Kaiser….

We were at JHS to sponsor a dog in honor of Daine’s one year adopt-o-versary and I asked Lysa to show me some dogs she thought would be harder to get adopted… So we took a dog tour, and on our way back after seeing all the dogs she said she wanted to stop and say hello to one of her favorites

She opened the door to a greeting room, the very same greeting room where we decided to adopt Daine, and in the midst of many blankets there he was…. my boy… He was so tiny back then, he still had stitches on his nubbin and he couldn’t walk well….

My heart broke, I knew I had to sponsor him… We we walked him up to the front to meet Dad, and to get a picture for the facebook page…. If I think about it, I was already in love

I asked Lysa to let me know if he got tagged for transport and I’d foster him, because I HATED the thought of him sitting at the shelter by himself

Well a few days later we got a call that he’d been tagged but couldn’t leave for a few weeks, would we be willing to foster him?

YES!!! So we jumped in the car and went over and got him!

He sat in my lap the whole way home, I couldn’t stop loving on him… For the next few weeks he would go everywhere with me

He learned to walk again

He learned how to go potty without falling over

He learned to play

He learned to be loved

He learned to trust

And I knew I couldn’t give him back, when Lysa messaged me to tell me Kelly had him on the next transport my heart broke, I felt it break, it was horrible. I had to stop it.

So I begged and pleaded and cajoled until Dad said if we got the lease on the house we could adopt him… That very next day we got the lease, and we adopted him.

Honestly, I was worried he wouldn’t be adopted out easily with all his health and behavioral issues.. I’m just so glad he’s ours…

And now for the pictures!!

One year ago and now!

One year ago and now!


Kaiser’s ride home!! He’s always been my happy smiley boy!




549128_350152121748457_1122953707_n 523630_349029091860760_1181766564_n 545534_338736502890019_1929010839_n 581473_338736109556725_795580867_n 229863_338734912890178_1133038656_n 1148985_484986891598312_1834757278_n (1) 1237911_489772974453037_1722800806_n


You can see LOTS more photos here!!



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2 thoughts on “Finding Kaiser

  1. Auntie Carrie

    Sniffle. I will never forget the day you sponsored him and the day you brought him home! He’s a special boy!
    I love the picture of the furry four. DD, Beka and Teddy side by side and Kai off just a little ways, looking up at you and asking if he could line up with the others, if he was home, if he belonged. I’m so glad you are his mommah! He couldn’t have a better one for him in all the universe!

    • I love that picture even if it makes me cry a little, he was such a tiny sweet baby boy and I’m so blessed to have him ❤

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