Family Update! Part 1

Oh goodness, it really has been awhile hasn’t it? I am terribly sorry! October was a very busy month for us, and Ive had a hard time finding time to sit down and write with everything going on! So lets play ‘ketchup’ shall we? (LOL)

Right now we’ve got 5 kids in the house, we currently have one foster (Freddie) who has been with us since September 4th (the day after my last blog post actually… hmm) and already has a home to go to as soon as we can raise the funds.

But I guess I’m skipping ahead, let me tell you a little more about Fredrick aka Freddie

On September 4th as I was getting ready to take the human kids to school the older one came inside and told me “Theres a dog hiding under the car, he looks hurt” so I hurried outside (may or may not have been in my pjs) to find this sad, scared dog who thankfully was not hurt but he was so afraid. I grabbed a slip leash and managed to get him onto our enclosed porch, I got dressed and then checked for tags or tattoos. The poor dog dropped to the ground shaking the entire time, he never stood up. NOT. ONCE. He was skinny, dirty, smelly, and he was wearing an invisible fence collar.

Electric Fence Collar

Now dont get me wrong, I am not saying that these collar are wrong, or bad, so stick around before freaking out.

So I took the humans to school, came home and loaded this guy up to get him checked for a microchip.


No microchip, No tags, No tattoos.

So I got a collar for him, and a kennel and brought him back home…. I also made him an appointment for the doctor for the next day, this meant that he couldnt meet my kids that night because I wasn’t sure he was healthy. So home we went, and I did a 3 group rotate. That night I also posted a lot of ‘found dog’ ads and posted him on a lot of different websites.

That next day I took him to the vet where we confirmed he was in fact neutered, he was apx 3-4 years old, he was 15 pounds underweight, he had fleas and worms but otherwise he was healthy… At this point after a full day with me he clung to me like glue, and still wouldn’t stand up, he crawled everywhere and only stood to pee or if he REALLY wanted to see something.

During the past 24 hours I’d also heard thru the grapevine that this dog might belong to someone who lived about 5 mins from my house, and people had encouraged me to contact them. I replied that if it was there dog they could contact me. Lo and behold on my way home I got a phone call that went something like this:

me: “Hello”

women: “Yes I think you have my dog”

me: “I have a dog I found….”

women: “My husband can come by and pick him up, where do you live?”

me: ‘Can you describe the dog for me? If he were my dog I’d really want whoever found him to make sure he went back to his real home’

women: ‘Okay hes black and white, friendly, wearing a red collar with an electric fence thing on it’

me: ‘Yes I think thats him….’

women: ‘Alright where do you live, my husband will come get him’

me: ……

after about 5 mins of back and forth we decided that I would meet her husband up town and relinquish the dog… It killed me to do it, but the dog was hers and I really didnt have a choice. Long story short I waited an hour and the guy didnt show. So I took Freddie home and got a call later and went back up town to meet the man.

As I got out of the car I had a plan, I wanted to try get him help to keep Freddie safe…. I really wanted to make sure he gave Freddie all his meds to make him better, that was my priority.

So I shook hands, said hello, and handed him Freddie’s vet bill…. He took one look at it and said ‘Honestly you can keep the dog, I just want my collar back’


After about 30 mins of discussion I found out that  he’d had Freddie for over a year, that he’d adopted him from a local vet, and that he’d escaped out of the yard so many times he just didnt know what to do with him anymore…

In THIS case I believe the electric fence was a bad idea, in more ways than one, but I’ll leave that to another blog post.

He truly believed that he’d done all he could to help Freddie, he was just ignorant. In the end he did the right thing and gave me custody of Freddie.

Its been almost two months now, and Freddie has just now gotten to where if we reach out to pet him he doesn’t drop to the ground and cower, he will get on the bed starting just this week, and he will hang out on the couch.

As Freddie’s story was unfolding he found a home, he will be going to live in Maryland with one of my best friends (the friend who flew down to stay with me during Daine’s testing)! Honestly I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for Freddie, my friend MC has been wanting a dog and the pieces are slowly but surely all falling together.

Now the only problem is funds, we have to raise around $2,000 in order to get Freddie home.

“Why????” is a question Ive been asked a lot “Why not just arrange a transport”

Well I’m not doing that for a few reasons

A.) Freddie is a very fearful dog, he’s run away many many many times before, and it took him weeks to get him to trust me. I believe it would be very bad for him to be passed from person to person with no idea whats happening or where hes going.

B.) I am certain Freddie has been dumped before, I’m guessing thats how he ended up in ‘doggy jail’ in our little town to get adopted to begin with

C.) Freddie at this point is terrified of cars, I’m really hoping with me there it will go smoothly

D.) I want to make this transition as EASY as possible for him, I’m hoping me being there, meeting his new Mommy with him, and all that will help

There are many more reasons but those are the main ones.

So if you’ve made it this far, and want to know how to help you can either click this link here and donate to Freddie’s youcaring or you can click this link here and buy a fleece jacket to help. If you are not in a place where you can help financially, please share!! Because sharing is free!!

Also dont forget to follow Fredrick’s page on facebook here so that you can stay up to date!

And here are some pictures!

Sept 4th The Day we found Freddie, the first picture I took and the one I posted on all the websites

He did everything laying down, drinking and exploring included

This was as far away from him as I could get…. It was very hard to get any pictures in the early days ; )

Actually standing up (sorta) near us This was a few days later

Heres a picture from a couple days ago! Happy and together!

FINALLY sleeping on the bed! He was very afraid of it at first, and then afraid he’d get in trouble, and then too nervous to do anything but sit on it

With any luck we’ll be able to get Freddie to his new Mommy in the new few months, we were really hoping for November but I just don’t think thats possible anymore, we just haven’t raised the money… But he will get there, and they will be together… Sir Fredrick will have his happy ending!

To Be Continue with the rest of the family tomorrow

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One thought on “Family Update! Part 1

  1. Ann Cluck

    Shared on my facebook timeline. I am a crossposter and have a lot of friends who do the same and also rescues. I hope someone responds to you.

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