You cant judge a book by its cover

I have a confession to make… we have been keeping a giant secret from the kids pages for the past month….

As a Christmas present we decided to have the remaining 3 kids DNA tested…. But we wanted to keep it a secret, because I wanted to be able to write this blog post when it happened.

Over the weekend we got the results of first Teddy, then Kaiser and just an hour ago (finally) Miss Beka! I wanted to share them all with you at once, and I wanted to share some reasons why you just cant judge a book by its cover (so to speak).

Now before I show you Teddy’s I’ll tell you what I thought Teddy was in my best guess


I always guessed above anyone else he would end up being an American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff).

I knew he was skinny and smaller than average, but he was also neutered early on so I attributed it to that…

FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES Teddy would be labeled as a ‘pitbull’ by towns with BSL

He’s got a blocky head, short fur, short ears, and a stocky build! How many dogs do you know of that fit that ‘frame’

HERE is Teddy’s DNA profile

Teddy is a Boston Terrier/Rottweiler mix

Teddy is a Boston Terrier/Rottweiler mix

(You should be able to click on the photo and make it larger)

Now for Kaiser we thought he’d be an AmStaff with some larger dog in him, perhaps a shep mix or hound mix . Here is Kai’s DNA profile

Kaiser is an American Staffordshire Terrier

Kaiser is an American Staffordshire Terrier

We were sorta close with Kai’s guess, but they didnt find any shep or dane in him

For Beka we had guessed some American Bulldog, Some Mastiff, and possible some boxer (maybe! Id always said)

Here is Beka’s DNA profile

Beka is an American Bulldog Mix

Beka is an American Bulldog Mix

I told Dad I bet the just didnt have any angel DNA  ; )

So thats what makes up each of our kids

A Golden/Lab (Daine), An American Bulldog (Beka), a Boston Terrier (Teddy) and an AmStaff (Kai)

Honestly, this doesn’t change anything ; ) But it has been really really cool to find out!

And its just another reminder that VISUAL BREED LABELING IS FLAWED!!! Out of the 4 kids we had tested we were only right about 1 and a half of them…. Thats ALL!

Can you imagine how many dogs get put to sleep on a daily basis just based on a flawed glance at how they look?

Yet another reason to end BSL!

Now I’m off to do research on the minor breeds and see which ones fit! I hope you’ve enjoyed our little surprise!


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9 thoughts on “You cant judge a book by its cover

  1. Wow! How.crazy are those results?! I suspected Teddy had a little Boston Terrier because of his big gorgeous eyes. All of them are such a mixture. I think it is amazing to find out what they are truly made of…….besides a lot of love. :))) And of course, you didn’t expect them to be just run of the mill dogs did you? Heck no! You already know the answer to that question. :))))

  2. Bob

    This is why when my friends ask “Guess what ‘Sweetums’ is?”, now I just answer “a dog”!

  3. You just can’t judge a book by cover when it comes to dogs! You love them no matter what they are!

  4. I had a friend who did a dna test on her dog and it came out she was part doxie part chi and part shih tzu! She looks doxie and chi but we have no idea where the shih tzu came from!

  5. we still dont know where the shih tzu came from!!

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