Whats going on around here?

Its nice to see everyone again ; )

We were without internet for awhile so this post has been a long time coming! I promised everyone a family update of sorts quite awhile ago. I’m sorry it has taken so long, but life happens and sometimes it happens way too fast!

Lets start with Daine (royalty first and all). Daine is doing rather well on her raw diet, she’s had one small stomach ache since we started and I believe that is due to the reduction in her medicine. The weather has had her a bit depressed, she hates not being able to spend hours outside in the sun running and chasing stuff, Ive been trying to make it up to her with walks when its warm enough. For those of you newer to the pages Daine has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, she was diagnosed last June, it was very rough for a long time there. She would not eat, and when she did it she often couldn’t keep it down. She was loosing weight and she was not her self at all. I’m so glad that she is doing so much better!! So very thankful!

Next up is Beka! Miss Beka is currently having an allergy flare up thanks to the crazy weather we’ve had here, whenever its too wet her feet itch like crazy and then she chews them raw… So she is currently in the cone of ‘healing’ just to keep her from making her feet bloody : ( She is doing well on raw and actually enjoying her food instead of just inhaling it like she has aways done. She and Annie are working on getting along with each other, I hope that continues to go well.

And that brings us to Teddy! My sweet little tiny baby Bear…. Ermmm I mean my big strong handsome man Bear. Yeah…. Hes doing okay, we had a very rough week last week with him, he had multiple little seizures and was not himself. He’s been much better since his diagnoses and the introduction of his medication, but we still have some rough patches… We will never be able to get rid of the seizures 100%. Teddy also started school last Thursday! It went slightly better than expected, its a little overwhelming of him. Ive dropped the ball in this case and he hasn’t had nearly as much socialization as he needs, but given where we live we just dont run into the opportunity often… He is learning the commands and actions tho, he just doesn’t yet feel safe in class, we are hoping that will change with time.

Kaiser! He is doing much better this winter than he did last winter! His body is stronger, he can stand for longer periods of time, he moves better, and he isn’t in pain anymore! All that work over the summer really helped him build up muscle and stamina! Recently we spoke to his doctor about his ‘happy pill’ dose because we had noticed it wasn’t as effective as it once was… Well part of that is because when we started the medicine Kaiser was about 40 pounds, hes now around 60… Quite a large difference! So we up’ed his dose and that seems to be helping!

Sir Freddie is still here, at the moment our goal is to have him home in March (the second week) but for now he is here so hes part of the family update! He had an accident a few weeks ago and ripped off a dew claw! Poor kiddo has had a hard time with that, it hasn’t been healing as well as we had hoped at first…. It is finally starting to look good and Im hoping within the next week or so we can take the bandages off for good! YAY! He has started to play ‘fetch’ with tennis balls! Not all the time, but sometimes when you throw them he will actually chase them and bring them back! And sometimes he just runs off with them to hide them! LOL

Now for Annie! She is what we would nicely call a handful… and a half… and then some…. But we love her dearly and she is finally starting to open up! It has taken her quite some time to feel like she can trust us, I think shes been burned (metaphorically speaking) too many times before. She’s currently recovering from eating something that she shouldn’t have… honestly we dont know because she is a sneaky cow ninja! Our goal for her right now is to get her more used to living inside….

Now I guess its time for me? I try not to talk about myself on the kids pages too much, because it is supposed to be about them not me, but I felt like I needed to talk about it because it is effecting the kids life in a way I suppose. Some of you might recall last winter I fell and hurt my knee, and since then Ive had a lot of trouble with it. I had a few months of PT and saw several doctors before I got a diagnoses and started to get better! But in the past 8 months (since I broke my foot) I have noticed the pain has come back, a different pain than before and its worse in a way. I’m also having alot of pain in my hands, elbows, wrists, shoulders, ankles, and back… After much prodding from a friend I went to the doctor and they did blood work (this was about a week and a half or two weeks ago) and all I know at this moment is my ‘ANA’ numbers are high and that they believe I have RA. I’m going to see a rheumatologist on Feb. 20th (thats the soonest they could fit me in). I got a shot of steroids to hopefully calm by body down some and some anti- inflammatories.  I have good days and bad days, mostly it seems to depend on the weather! lol The kids have done really good about taking care of me! I’ll try to update everyone when I know something.

Dad had that virus that went around, poor guy! It took him awhile to get over it, but hes doing good now : )

I hope everyone is doing well at staying at least sorta warm! (brrrrr) And I will try to post again soon!


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2 thoughts on “Whats going on around here?

  1. Nancy

    Prayers for you! I hope you recover from this and you do not have RA! Be strong! 🙂

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