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If you saw my last blog post (here in case you missed it! : )  ) you know we are going thru a really rough time in our house.

Ive struggled a lot with trying to keep it to ourselves and ‘just keep swimming’ and do it on our own, but I dont know if thats the best way to go anymore… We need to move, and to move we need to pay off our debts, these debts are our own fault and we know we have only ourselves to blame, but right now we would be eternally grateful for some help. Its not even a want anymore, its not just a matter of being tired of the scenery or wanting more space, our neighbors have threatened us on more than one occasion and when we’ve called the cops they’ve told us ‘so what’ and that we should keep to ourselves. We dont wish to push this issue any further because a very very old law has been brought to our attention by our neighbors that we dont want to publicize but could cost us everything.

The funny this is? We stick to ourselves, we keep the kids from barking and howling as much as possible, we pick up the poop and keep them in only our yard, we dont throw wild parties and dont have a toilet on the lawn…. We are essentially good neighbors, and we try our best to be good people. In fact when the horrible neighbors moved in Dad went over and helped them with their house and lawn.

Right now we spend every day in fear, we feel like prisoners in our home because when we do take the kids out we have to be on constant alert for the neighbors who will climb into the tree (that is technically on our land) and scream, yell, and even throw things and yes they shot Teddy with a pellet gun a few months back. If the neighbors hear us open the backdoor, or playing with the kids, they come outside and start yelling and making noise and doing anything to just freak the kids out and we have to bring them inside which sucks because this is their home, their yard, OUR yard! And that means sometimes they only get to go out and pee and then get rushed back inside, which is frustrating to them and us!!

We have tried to get a VA loan, a USDA loan, and just a regular bank loan for a house with no dice…. We’ve also tried to find someone willing to lease to us like we do now but they all want more money down than we possibly have.

The bank said in order for us to get a loan we need to pay off all our debt, which amounts to somewhere around 7,000 dollars. The majority of that is medical bills with one credit card added to it.

Do I feel right about asking our friends, most of whom Ive never even had the chance to meet, to help us? No… no I dont, but I’m at the end of my rope and feel like I’m barely hanging on.

So I’m going to raise the goal on our fundraiser, update the description, and extend the time to donate… Do I expect this to fix it all? No I dont. But every dollar will be one step closer to moving…. And I honestly feel like we are running out of time. This has been the hardest blog post Ive ever written and I’m still not sure its a good idea.

Please if you have any questions feel free to email me…and please try not to judge us too harshly

Once we move we will repay every single dollar in donations to places like the Joplin Humane Society and will post a receipt every month to that effect, and if anyone wants us to pay them back personally we will do that as well!

Thank you for reading this, and if you’d be willing to share I’d appreciate it so so very much. We all would!


Mommah and Family

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2 thoughts on “Whats going on

  1. Susan Mock

    I get paid Monday and will definitely send you some money then. Hang in there!

    Susan Mock “Outside of a dog, a book is probably man’s best friend, and inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.” Groucho Marx

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