Training for Alaska!

If you have been watching the kids pages you’ve probably seen pictures of ‘the baby’ and might be wondering what thats all about! On Sunday I brought home Alaska who will be staying with us for a few weeks to learn some manners and to be socialized. I’m hoping to do a blog series on her progress because I think it’ll be a fun project. So lets just start with our trip home and what we’ve done so far. (And pictures… because lets face it there is no such thing as too many cute baby pictures) 

Alaska is an apx 3 1/2-4 month old Labrador Golden Retriever mix (not unlike a certain princess) who belongs to my sister and her family. She is shy at first but warms up fast and until Sunday/Monday she hadn’t had much dog interaction. She met Daine first as we always do and at first she was quite afraid ( she had a bad run in with a dog a little while back ) but Daine is a natural at dog intros and just went about her way waiting for Alaska to feel comfortable with her. Eventually Alaska decided to check her out and there was much bowing. Then she met Teddy… 

Normally I wouldn’t have introduced her to two dogs in one night, but for some reason Teddy just went ballistic demanding to see her! Teddy had never seen a puppy or a tiny dog before and typically he is slow to warm up to a new dog especially since his seizures started. But he was immediately enthralled with her and still is.

That night was long as Alaska adjusted to being in our house and sleeping in her kennel, but we made it thru! This week we’ve been working on kennel training, potty training, appropriate play, sit and name recognition! Busy week for a little baby but they learn so fast at this age! Keeping her busy will keep her out of trouble 😉 

So far everyone is doing really well with her with the exception of Kaiser who cant meet new dogs and Beka who hasn’t warmed up to her yet. Daine is teaching her the rules quite well, and Teddy is teaching her how to play. Freddie watches over her outside and Annie shows her all the places to find fun stuff to check out. 

And personally I am enjoying getting my puppy fix in 😉 Shocking to think it’s been almost 3 years since we had a puppy!! Now for some pictures! 

Alaska’s first night

Alaska and Freddie

Teddy and Alaska

Sleepy Kids

Beka wants her spot back


Keep an eye on the kids pages for more pictures, and keep an eye out here for more ‘Training for Alaska’ posts! And as always questions are welcome! 


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2 thoughts on “Training for Alaska!

  1. michelle

    She is just beautiful! Good on you for taking her in to train. Just a question though…..will she be allowed on furniture and beds when she goes home? Id hate to think that she will be getting in trouble for that when she’s been allowed to previously. Personally I think all dogs should be allowed to sleep/sit with you, my 2 have full run of the house and we have been known to sit on the floor because we don’t want to disturb them from their comfy sleep on the couches!

    • Yes she was/is allowed on the furniture at my sisters house 🙂 Ive been known to do that as well! 😉 Thanks for the question and the comment!

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