Training for Alaska continued

Hey everyone! 

I’ve got some pics and updates for y’all on Alaska’s training! 

Daine and Alaska

Today I took Daine and Alaska on a walk down to the park! Alaska did REALLY well and as you can see she is wearing the prong collar. She did not do well on a collar or a harness not because she pulls as hard as a certain princess but because she has a sensitive throat so rather than risk damage I felt it was the best plan to go with the best ‘tool’ for her. Just go straight for what works best! 

She’s a smart baby who learns very fast and I’m so very proud of how she is doing! She’s been doing really well with potty training! She’s had some accidents when she had a belly ache swapping food but really we cant fault her for that. Right now we are really focusing on confidence and her manners. 

We are working on sitting for ‘good things’ (treats, petting, toys), walking nicely on a leash (i.e not crossing in front of me), down, watch me, and stay. I’m trying not to overload her with a ton of things at once because she is still a baby and trying to figure out how things work in our house. 

Here she is doing down! 

Daine and Alaska doing down and ‘watch me’


Here is Alaska sitting when we stopped and watching me


Teddy and Alaska

Teddy has taken Alaska under his ‘paw’ and he adores her greatly. 

I’m gonna keep updating so stay tuned! 


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