Journey to Forever

Hello again friends!

I bet y’all are all getting antsy as to what Daine’s big news is eh?

Well first lets re-cap with some of the things that have gone on over the past month!

1.) We moved! YAY! Thanks to our amazing friends we were able to safely move away from the evil neighbors and into a BSL free home!

2.) Kaiser did NOT have surgery because the doctors did new x-rays and couldn’t find anything in the joint that actually needed removed. Instead he did have a steroid injection into the joint. We’ve been letting him play and exercise because the kennel rest was actually making him worse. He still has bad days but thankfully he is doing SO much better! We are so thankful!

3.) While Dad was at the gas station a man saw his JHS shirt and asked if he’d take this puppy. Dad said yes…. Low and behold the puppy was VERY sick and spent some time in the ER and then in the hospital. She started off at 8 pounds and now she is up to 15.2! She will be up for adoption when she is doing better and we are accepting applications for her adoption thru JHS! If you want more info please message me!

4.) We’ve had a lot of changes around here! Moving is a huge deal and we’ve had to work to get everyone settled back in and into a routine.

This has been a long and crazy journey. I cant even begin to describe how stressful the past few months have been, but I feel like I can see the sunrise after this long dark night…

“Just get to the news! What is the big news?!” (am I right)

After much discussion, thought, and prayer we’ve decided…..



to keep Alaska! Yes thats right she’s staying here!

We know this will add another mouth to feed, another dog for vet bills (insurance! seriously invest in it!), and another soul to look after. But I really feel like this is the best move we could make. I dont wish to go into details about everything but I do not feel Alaska would have thrived in her previous home.

If you have questions you are always more than welcome to message me! We have always tried to be very honest with everyone about what is going on with the kids.

Alaska is 6 months old and due to her recessed vulva (like Daine’s) we have decided NOT to spay her until after her second heat. We are hoping this will naturally correct her vulva so she wont need surgery. And if she does need surgery then she’ll get surgery. I know this is controversial to a lot of people so please be kind. All of the males here are neutered and my dogs ever never outside alone or outside the fence. She will be supervised the entire time she is in heat. If you have any advice for us I am open to it! We’ve never had a dog go into heat before so this will be new for everyone!

Alaska has truly bonded with everyone and as soon as her shots are finished up she will join Daine in class to start earning her CGC and her therapy dog title.

We deeply value and appreciate the support of our followers and we couldn’t do it without you! We look forward to being able to paw everything forward and then some! Which brings me to my second piece of news!

On Daine’s page we will be hosting a fundraiser to sponsor a FREE spay and neuter clinic at the Joplin Humane Society in Joplin, MO!! We are really excited about this and as soon as we finish ironing out the last details the fundraiser will go live and we hope you all will share share share!

Keep an eye out on Daine’s page for the fundraiser and for Alaska’s page!

And I just wanna say again how truly thankful we are to everyone and how much we appreciate you all.

Thank you


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5 thoughts on “Journey to Forever

  1. Jenn M

    I’m so glad that things are going well for you again!! xx 🙂

  2. michelle

    Yay! Lucky Alaska! She’s such a cuties. Really admire you and your dad for all you do for our four legged friends. It’s a special person that will put an animal’s needs before their own……and there are not enough of us out there! Hope things keep improving for you all and this is a new beginning that will leave all the stress and pain behind. XXX

  3. Try putting a disposable diaper on Alaska when she has her heat. That will help with keeping her from leaving spots and drops around your house. Sometimes even males that are neutered can be a little affected by a female who is in heat. Just a little FYI. Congrats on your newest furfam member. We have 5 dogs and many people think that we are crazy, and sometimes we think so also 😉

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