Life on the farm

Hello again friends! Todays blog post might ramble a little and for that I apologize, I want it to be just about me talking to you and telling you how the kids are doing with our move and in general. I get asked how the kids are doing a lot and I wanted to just take some time to talk about it. I cant express with words how happy it makes me that my kids have so many people who love and care for them, we truly wouldn’t be here without you!

Overall everyone is doing really well with the move in general, some of the kids have struggled some and I will talk about that, its just more peaceful here. We are out in the country about 20 miles from anything! And even though I can see the highway from my back deck thats not really a big deal as our last house was near a very busy highway. I did a little measuring via google maps and discovered our closest neighbor is 515 feet away! We cant really hear any of our neighbors (except the cows…. cows are louder than I remember) though we sometimes hear our neighbors dogs.

Thats right. All of our neighbors have dogs! The guy ‘next door’ has a mastiff who is just handsome as everything! The lady ‘across the street’ has more dogs than we do! ; ) Just about everyone on our dead end street has dogs! We’ve had not one complaint about our dogs and in fact one of our neighbors complimented us on how well we watch after our dogs! Honestly though Ive had maybe half a dozen interactions with our neighbors past waving to them from afar. Which is always what we’ve wanted!

Its truly amazing to be able to walk the kids on our property anytime we want! I dont have to worry about being yelled at! I no longer have to check the trees for little brats with guns! The kids dont get screamed at every time they walk out the door! This has made a HUGE difference in behavior over all! Everyone is more relaxed so they sleep better, eat better, play better!

Daine is doing super well at the new house! Her stomach is doing well and shes finally truly happy again! At the old house she would come inside and immediately go hide inside her kennel and not wanna come out. Thats where she was spending 90% of her time before we moved. Now she lays on the couch to watch tv, lays in the bed, plays outside! Its so wonderful! She’s started classes with a new trainer and so far she’s loving it because she’s more challenged now than she was. We’ve introduced her to the e-collar and she’s learning recalls with that right now. This gives her more freedom on our property because she can now go play in the pasture!

Beka PLAYS now! Inside and Outside! She runs around letting Alaska and CowBelle chase her until they ‘catch’ her and then she lays in the floor playing with them. She loves to go for walks around the property and sniff out all the wildlife that has crossed it! We are hoping that this will finally help her loose weight. Only time will tell on that one.

Teddy had a hard time with the move at first. I dont think he really understood what was going on and before the move he was whisked off to live with his Auntie for a few days (he was totally spoiled rotten during that time so it wasn’t too bad) and my boy has horrible separation anxiety. He doesn’t handle me going to the bathroom very well somedays because of his epilepsy. But once he realized the new house had ‘perks’ he started to settle in! Our old house had a lot of issues that honestly the landlord should have taken care of. Because of those issues the kids werent allowed in the kitchen or bathroom. Now they are allowed both places and Teddy loves being able to follow me around the house! He also loves watching the horses and the cows, although he still hasn’t decided if the horses are friends or foes. 😉

Kaiser had a really rough start here. He was in so much pain from his shoulder and he’d never had to walk up or down stairs before. The vet wanted him to be on strict rest so I was carrying him up and down the stairs, he was only allowed out on leash, and then had to go right back to his kennel. He hated it. So I started cheating… I let him play for 10 mins 3 times a day at first and he limped less, cried less…. I slowly increased his play time until now he gets to play till hes tried and then he lays down on the deck with me. He no longer limps and I am in the process of decreasing his pain meds. Now for the bad news…. Kaiser no longer tolerates the company of other dogs or new people. I cant say I blame him after everything he has been through but its sad. Kaiser is not a ‘breed ambassador’ and I’m not going to lie and say he is. He has huge behavior problems from everything he has gone through. He’s happy. He’s spoiled rotten. He’s loved. He’s cared for.  Maybe someday he will come around again and I haven’t give up on him. But thats the facts as they stand right now because we’ve always tried our best to keep you honestly updated with our kids.

Freddie is doing well in the new house, he likes to go hang out in my bedroom and hog as much bed as he can with Beka and watch tv. He LOVES playing with Alaska and CowBelle outside and keeping an eye on the horses. We are still working on helping him conquer his fears from the abuse he suffered. He has already come leaps and bounds over the past year! He is no longer afraid of toys and enjoys playing with nylabones and antlers. He also now chews on toys and will accept treats from your hand! A huge change from the kid who would hide if one of the others squeaked a toy!

Annie Annie Annie… where do I start with Annie…. She is sweet, kind and loving. She LOVES to play with everyone and is super gentle with them. You’d think a big strong girl like her would be rough but she really isn’t. She’s slowly learning that while Beka likes her Beka doesn’t like her on top of her head… If Annie was a person she’d be a genius with no common sense. Our biggest struggle with Annie is the fact that she likes to escape the new fence. So now she has to wear a tether outside along with a leash at all times because she can get out of her harness. I also have taken to zip-tieing her kennel together because she figured out how to break it apart and went on a spree…. and not a good spree…. But we love her and shes getting better all the time!

Alaska is a perfect fit into our family. She can play until she drops with Annie and Teddy and then snuggle with Beka until she’s ready to go again! She listens to Daine and doesn’t break the rules ; ) She’s currently going thru her fear stage right now and having a hard time with door ways, but I know we can get thru it! She has 1 more round of shots and then she’ll be attending school with Daine and Teddy! Wont that be fun!? They’ll have to rotate who gets to go but I’m sure we can work it out. She’s almost 7 months old now and growing like a weed! Its fun to guess what breeds are in her and how big she’s gonna be, I keep hoping I’ll get a DNA kit for my bday ; )

CowBelle is doing amazingly well and FINALLY putting on weight! She currently has an infection and a broken tooth but other than that shes’ great! Which is saying something for her really. She’s learning basic manners, potty training (shes about 90% there) and leash manners! Babies learn so fast but its important to keep repeating the basics so they dont forget. She’s also learning its not nice to bite Mommah on her kneecaps, bottom, or toes… At least I hope she’s learning that….. LOL

So there you have it! Everyone is doing rather well in my opinion and we are settling in quite nicely. I love it here and cannot believe how blessed we are. Even though things were very bad and caused us to move in an emergency this whole thing turned out to be a huge blessing.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives and going on this journey with us! We truly appreciate it!


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5 thoughts on “Life on the farm

  1. Lynn Pierson

    Yo! Glad to be a part of your lives and know that things are so much better for you now. I would love to live in the country and get to see the cows, horses and any other critters who pass your way. To me, happiness is animals and more animals. :)))) You are truly blessed. (Yes…..the atheist said that! LOL!)

  2. Kim

    Thanks for the update, glad to hear that everyone is well!
    About Kai, thank you for recognizing that he can be happy and loved, separate from the others. The rescue I work for has several homes that have at least one dog that can’t be with the others in the family. Crate and rotate is a way of life. As long as all of the kids get the attention, exercise and love that they need, the household can still be happy even if they aren’t all integrated. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (or him, or you!) 🙂
    Hugs to all the babies!

    • I totally agree! I think Kaiser gets even more time with us some days because when he’s with me he’s the ONLY one with me. So he gets a lot of attention. I do try and spend 1 on 1 time with the others as well, but a lot of times we are all just hanging out together.
      Thank you!!

  3. I grew up on a farm and couldn’t wait to get away. Now, I would love that existence – the peace, quiet, nature.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, life and joys of our four-legged friends.

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