Q&A with the Furry Family!

To celebrate Alaska getting 300 friends we are going to do a HUGE Q&A!!

Mommah will answer TEN questions in a video blog AND we will take 20 questions for a regular blog!

So nows your chance! Have you ever wondered whose the bed hog? Whose a morning person? Who gets along best with whom? Ask away! All POLITE questions are welcome! If you wish to have your name with your question let us know! Comment them here or email them to mommahsmusings@gmail.com

We will take questions for the next 48 hours and if we dont get enough Mommah will add some of her own.

So get going!



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4 thoughts on “Q&A with the Furry Family!

  1. michelle

    Hi! My question(s): Outside time – Are you fenced enough now so that all kids can hang outside all the time on their own or do they still need supervision. Does everyone get along well enough now or do you still have to do seperate play times for some ( I think Kaiser has issues with someone?). How does your crate time / free time roster work?

  2. Cissy

    How did Cowbelle and Alaska come into your lives? Are you fostering them or did you adopt them? How is the new house working out?

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