Answers 2 (Play time!!!)

Part two of the answers from the questions and answers blog which you can read here. I originally wanted to do this via video blog but haven’t been able to get up the courage to do so! In the meantime I am working on posting the answers in text form because I hate that everyone has waited so long for them.


Hi! My question(s): Outside time – Are you fenced enough now so that all kids can hang outside all the time on their own or do they still need supervision. Does everyone get along well enough now or do you still have to do seperate play times for some ( I think Kaiser has issues with someone?). How does your crate time / free time roster work?

Hello Michelle!

Right now we have one large fenced in area behind the house. And we have two groups to crate and rotate.

I dont really let them outside by themselves even though it is safe because anything can happen when they are outside. Although now I can step inside to grab myself a drink, to get them water and the like which I couldn’t do at the other house. Since we do live in a rural area I like to keep an eye on everyone because we have had armadillos, skunks, snakes, and voles in the yard. I am a nervous nelly and I’d rather keep an eye on everyone and know whats going on.

Kaiser does not have any contact with any of the other kids in the house at this time. He is essentially an only dog. He is very spoiled and I work to give him equal time outside in the yard, on the deck, or in the house for couch time.

So here is how a typical home all day crate and rotate schedule works:

Wake up and go to Kaiser’s room (yes he has his own bedroom and full sized bed)

Kaiser is the first to go out, I will let him out on the deck to go potty and then when he is done I will take him to his (very very large) kennel in his room and close his door

Then I will let out Daine, Beka, Teddy, Freddie, Alaska and CowBelle to go potty.

While they are going potty I get teddy’s medicine ready and give it to him.

Then I let Annie out to join the group. After much work Annie and Beka can be together outside as long as I let Annie out second because Annie can get a little amped going out the door.

I play with this group (the big group) for about 30 mins to get some energy out of them and give everyone enough time to poop.

Then its back inside where I make everyone breakfast! (yum)

Beka, CowBelle and Freddie eat in my room with Beka and CowBelle in their kennels. Annie eats in her kennel in my bathroom. Daine eats in her kennel in the dinning room, Kaiser eats in his kennel in his room, and then Alaska and Teddy eat in the living room.

I have them wait about 30 mins after eating.

Then Alaska and Teddy go up and Kaiser comes out.

He and I will play in the yard for likely an hour to get him good and tired out with some breaks in between to rest his shoulder.

Then Kai goes up and everyone else goes out again!!! WHEEE

After I let them play for about an hour they will go up again and then Kaiser comes out. At this point I will let Kaiser either lay on the deck if its nice or on the couch while I do house stuff and whatnot.

It goes on like this pretty much all day till its dark and then they just get couch time.

I hope that makes sense! We do our very best to make sure that everyone has equal time to play and spend time with us and that they have comfy kennels to go into when we leave the house or need to rotate. If you have any questions feel free to comment them or message them to me!


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